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HIV Prevention Projects Portal: AIDS Materials Review Requirements


Materials with educational content must be submitted to MDH AND go through the AIDS Material Review Panel (AMRP) before being put into use.  By requirement of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This process can take 2-8 weeks, so please plan ahead.

IMPORTANT:  All materials, including promotional flyers and notices, must be submitted to MDH, accompanied by a Form A (Word) for every item.

AIDS Materials Review Procedure

1. Download Form A (Word)
2. Fill out Form A, one for each separate item.
3. Submit Form A and the material to MDH.
NOTE: Fill out and return Form A electronically in its current Word Format, even if the materials are physically mailed. Do not change it to a PDF.
  a. If the educational material is in electronic form, upload the item and FORM A through the Portal. (Consider whether the item can be scanned and uploaded as a PDF.)
  b. If the educational material is in physical form, mail it to:
Christine Jones
Minnesota Dept. of Health
STD & HIV Section
P.O. Box 64975, St. Paul, MN. 55164-0975
  c. If video is available online, provide a link in the Product Title box on Form A.

NOTE:  If you are unsure whether something needs to be reviewed or how to get it to MDH, contact us through the MDH Grantee Portal Support Box.

NOTE:  If the material was purchased or was created by another HIV Prevention organization it may already have been reviewed by Minnesota’s AIDS Material Review Panel. Before submitting to MDH, go to the Materials Review page of the Grantee Portal and look for the item on the Summary of Reviewed Materials.

Educational materials requiring AMRP review:

Any educational materials to be used in a MDH or CDC-direct funded HIV Prevention Project, including:

  • Written materials (e.g., pamphlets, brochures, fliers, kit inserts),
  • audio visual materials (e.g., DVDs and videos),
  • pictorials (e.g., posters and similar educational materials using photographs, slides, drawings, or paintings),
  • newsletters or articles with educational content,
  • questionnaires or survey instruments,
  • website/mobile app educational content
  • educational sessions (curriculum, etc.)
  • Any materials in the above categories whether created by the Grantee or acquired from other sources.
  • HIV/STD educational information on social network sites (e.g. Facebook). Only the educational information needs to be reviewed, not the whole site.

The following do NOT require review by the AMRP:

  • Promotional materials ( e.g., a flyer or web notice announcing a workshop that tells topic, date, time and location but does not contain HIV/AIDS educational content.
  • Real-time online chat or question/answers on the phone (voice or text).
    ** However, if you use a list of standard prepared responses to common questions, those responses should be reviewed by MDH and the AMRP.
  • Client/participant personal stories of their own experiences. However, grantees should have a mechanism in place to check the medical and scientific accuracy  of any HIV transmission, prevention, testing or treatment information in the story.
  • Social Network sites (e.g. Facebook) unless they contain HIV/STD educational information. Only the educational information needs to be reviewed, not the whole site.
  • HIV-related materials downloaded from CDC, Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota Department of Human Services or Hennepin County Public Health. These are considered pre-approved.

CDC AIDS Materials Review Requirements:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV/AIDS educational materials must:

    1. Be medically and scientifically accurate and up-to-date.
    2. Not be obscene.
    3. Not be “designed to promote or encourage, directly, homosexual or heterosexual sexual activity or intravenous substance abuse.” (NOTE: This requirement “may not be construed to restrict the ability of an educational tool… to provide accurate information.”)

AMRP Summary 2006-Present

Materials reviewed and approved (or rejected) from July 2006 to today. This spreadsheet (Excel: 39KB) can be sorted by agency, target population, title, type of material, etc.

AMRP Summary 1987-June 2006

Materials reviewed and approved (or rejected) from 1987 to June of 2006 (Word: 251KB/71 pages). These materials are categorized by each item’s creator/publisher and do not list target populations. They are also separated in categories of Print Materials, Video/Slides, Advertising and Materials Disapproved.

Please note the dates of approval as many of these materials are out of date.