HIV Prevention Projects Portal: Testing

1. Click on the form’s link.
2. “Save” or “Save As” to your computer.

- The forms cannot be edited or altered. Text or numbers within boxes can be copied, cut and pasted.
- Templates can be edited and altered.
- Formatted text, such as bullet or numbered lists, can be created in another document, copied and pasted into the form box.
- All forms are in MicroSoft Word 1997-2003 format unless otherwise noted.

3. When your form is ready to submit, go to the Form Upload Box at the bottom of this page. (Operational in January)

When is it due?
A printable list of due dates for all required documents for 2013 – 2016.
Document Due Dates (29KB/1 page)

Client Consent - Template
(51KB/2 pages)

Health Information Release - Template
(38 KB/1 page)

HIV and HCV Testing Protocol
(41 KB/1 page)

EvaluationWeb HIV Test Form

OSHA BBP Exposure Control
(66 KB/1 page)

Hennepin HSPHD ROI Form (Optional template)
(PDF: 112 KB/2 pages)

Ramsey PH ROI Form (Optional template)
(780 KB/1 page)

MDH Risk Assessment (Optional template)


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