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HIV Prevention RFP 2017

Listing of HIV Prevention Grantees in Minnesota

Upcoming Change with MDH HIV Prevention RFP Launch Date and Funding Cycle

  • There will be no HIV prevention RFP released this year (2016)
  • The next HIV prevention RFP from MDH will be launched in 2017
  • Competitively awarded contracts will begin work January 2018 
  • This is a change from the planned RFP from MDH that was to be launched in July of 2016

Reasons for CDC’s HIV Prevention RFP and Funding Cycle Change

    • CDC has announced they will modifying their traditional HIV prevention opportunity to be consolidated with their HIV surveillance funding opportunity
    • The purpose of this change is to:
      • ensure that programs are integrated and targeted to geographic areas and populations with the highest burden of HIV disease
      • reduce administrative and reporting burdens
    • CDC will allow states to extend their current funding of HIV prevention programs through 2017 to allow CDC staff time to prepare a new consolidated funding opportunity.

    Reasons for MDH’s HIV Prevention RFP and Funding Cycle Change from 2016 to 2017

  • Sending out an RFP in July of 2016 would mean that MDH would still need to send out another RFP in 2017 to comply with CDC’s new consolidated RFP:
    • This would be burdensome for all applicants, proposal reviewers,  awarded grantees and the MDH
    • Not much program implementation can occur within just a 12 month period

What This Means for Currently Funded HIV Prevention Grantees and RFP Applicants

  • MDH will extend its currently funded HIV prevention grantees through December 31, 2017
  • The level of funding in 2017 will be dependent on the award received from CDC for the extension period
  • MDH contract managers will contact grantees this fall to amend and update their existing contracts
  • Grantees and non-funded agencies could apply for the consolidated RFP funds in 2017 for work to begin January 2018 for those agencies selected to receive funding awards
  • Agencies currently not funded by the MDH for HIV prevention work would need to wait until 2017 to apply and compete for funds

Memo to Grantees, February 24, 2016:
Update Regarding Forthcoming HIV Prevention Request for Proposals (PDF)

For More Information:
Chryssie Jones, LGSW, Supervisor, HIV and STD Prevention Unit, STD/HIV/TB Section, 651-201-4038, or by email at:

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