HIV/AIDS Surveillance

2013 HIV/AIDS Surveillance Reports –
Number and demographic characteristics of newly diagnosed HIV/AIDS cases in Minnesota.
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2013 STD Surveillance Statistics
Graphs, tables and text that describe trends in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Minnesota. Includes data on: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chancroid.
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Minnesota Treatment Cascade for People Living with HIV/AIDS - September 2013
As part of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States, MDH has calculated an HIV treatment cascade using HIV surveillance data. These calculations help us better understand the HIV epidemic and the disparities that exist in the delivery of care among HIV positive people in Minnesota.

HIV/AIDS among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Minnesota
Men who have sex with men (MSM) and men who have sex with men and use injection drugs (MSM/IDU) remain at increased risk for HIV infection in MN.
Epidemiological Profile of HIV/AIDS in Minnesota
The epidemiological (epi) profile presents data on the HIV epidemic in the state of Minnesota. The profile is intended to give the Community Cooperative Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention (CCCHAP) and the Minnesota HIV Services Planning Council (Planning Council).
HIV/AIDS Perinatal Surveillance, 2012
(PDF: 565KB/10 slides)
or (PowerPoint: 578KB/10 slides)
MDH slide presentation summarizing surveillance data on mother-to-child HIV transmission in Minnesota.
CDC National HIV Incidence Estimates: Frequently Asked Questions
MDH HIV Subtype and Drug Resistance Surveillance
Program summary and related links.
Twin Cities Men's Health Survey
Results of the MDH survey of health and sexual behaviors of men conducted during the 2004 Twin Cities GLBT Pride celebration in Minneapolis.
Minnesota Supplement to HIV Surveillance (SHAS) Project Summary
Results of the 2000-2003 Supplement to HIV Surveillance study
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Among Blacks in Minnesota, 2006
Data from the MDH shows disproportionately higher rates of STDs among blacks in MN compared with rates among other race groups.
MDH's Disease Control Newsletter
Provides an annual review of communicable disease occurrence in Minnesota, including HIV and AIDS


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