Reporting Perinatal HIV - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Reporting Perinatal HIV

  • Chronic Infections in Pregnant Patients: Infectious Disease Reporting
    Minnesota law, specifically Minnesota Rules Chapter 4605.7044, requires the reporting of pregnancy in a person chronically infected with HIV, including AIDS, to the Minnesota Department of Health within one working day of knowledge of the pregnancy.

  • Perinatal HIV Report Form
    • This report form must be completed a total of twice per patient, per pregnancy. Once when the clinician is made aware of the pregnancy (or if pregnant already, upon HIV diagnosis);
      and then again at the pregnancy outcome (birth, spontaneous abortion or induced abortion).
    • If a clinician is reporting a newly diagnosed patient (patient initially tested positive during a pregnancy) then both the Perinatal HIV Report Form and the Adult HIV/AIDS Confidential Report Form must be submitted.