Notice of Availability of Funds for HIV/STD Prevention Projects

Prevention Request for Proposals (RFP)

NEW! MDH awards grants for HIV prevention work
The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announced today that 20 agencies will receive $1.7 million for HIV prevention grants to ensure that targeted efforts continue to reach those at highest risk of acquiring or spreading the infection.

The Minnesota Department of Health is soliciting HIV prevention proposals to provide HIV testing and testing outreach services, prevention programming with HIV positive individuals, syringe service programming and prevention for youth at high-risk of acquiring HIV.

Timeline | Mailing Address | Contact Us FAQs and Updates
(last updated 07/12/12)


RFP Announcement and Proposal Packets Available May 21, 2012
Notices of Intent Due June 15, 2012
Pre-proposal Workshops June 14 or 15, 2012
Treatment as Prevention Workshops June 14 or 15, 2012
Proposal Questions Accepted Through July 17, 2012
Full Proposals Due July 24, 2012
Announcement of Final Funding Decisions Mid-October 2012
Grievances of the Review Process Due (in writing) November 1, 2012
Response to Grievances November 15, 2012
Grant Agreement Development mid-October to December 31, 2012
Grant Agreement Period Begins January 1, 2013
Grant Agreement Period Ends December 31, 2014
Funding Cycle Ends December 31, 2016
(Download entire RFP packet in one PDF:
1 MB/141 pages) Updated 7/12/2012!

(Suggestion: Download the RFP and forms in sections for faster downloading.)

Table of Contents (PDF: 90KB/2 pages)

1. RFP at a Glance (PDF: 100 KB/3 pages) Updated 6/7/2012!

    1. Timeline
    2. Purpose
    3. Eligible Applicants
    4. Program Areas
    5. Funding Availability
    6. Workshops and TA Resources
    7. Notice of Intent
    8. Proposal Due Date
    9. Questions

2. Background (PDF: 106KB/2 pages)

    1. NHAS
    2. PS12-1201 FOA
    3. High Impact HIV Prevention
    4. Social Determinants of Health
    5. Ryan White Coordination
    6. Summary

3. Program Information (PDF: 176KB/12 pages) Updated 6/7/2012!

    1. Eligible Applicants
    2. Notice of Intent
    3. Program Areas and Funding Availability
    4. Workshops and TA Resources
    5. Disclaimer, Right of Refusal, and Grievances
    6. What Will be Required of the Applicant?
    7. What Will MDH Do For the Applicant?
    8. Review and Scoring Process
    9. Questions

4. Application Instructions (PDF: 116KB/5 pages) and Forms

Form Instructions:

  • For most forms, two versions of each form are posted below for your convenience - PDF and Word. Use only the Word version for narrative sections. Both PDF and Word versions can be completed, saved and printed. Use whichever version you are comfortable working in. If you have technical difficulty, contact Kathy Anderson.
  • To download forms in either version, open the link, immediately choose "save", "save as", or click on the diskette icon on the toolbar, and save the file to your computer.
  • When completing forms in the Word version, DO NOT remove rows or columns in tables, and do not change fonts, font size or margins.
  • When completing forms using the PDF version, save your work often to your desktop. These can be large files and can lead to memory instabilities within Adobe.
(Download ALL forms listed individually below in one PDF: 557KB/50 pages)

    1. Proposal Style Requirements and Due Date
    2. Application Content
      1. Forms and Steps Required for All Applications
      2. Developing the Application – Steps 1 to 7
      3. FORM A:  Notice of Intent
        (PDF: 106KB/2 pages) or (Word: 76KB/2 pages)
      4. FORM B:  Forms Checklist and Certification
        (PDF: 134KB/ 1 page)
        or (Word: 47KB/1 page)
      5. FORM C:  Applicant Information Sheet
        (PDF: 177KB/2 pages)
        or (Word: 79KB/2 pages)
      6. FORM D:  Project Information Sheet
        (PDF: 90KB/2 pages) or (Word: 46KB/2 pages)
      7. FORM E:  Agency Overview Narrative
        (PDF: 148KB/1 page)
        or (Word: 79KB/1 page)
      8. FORM F: Project/Track Narrative Updated 5/24/2012!
      9. FORM G:  Project Budget
        (PDF: 129KB/2 pages) or (Word: KB/2 pages)
      10. FORM H:  Project Budget Narrative
        (PDF: 132KB/2 pages)
        or (Word: 54KB/2 pages)
      11. FORM I:  Partners Chart and Memorandum of Agreement
        (Word: 57KB/2 pages)
      12. FORM J:  Financial Capacity and Review Form
        (PDF: 179KB/5 pages)
        or (Word: 104KB/5 pages)
      13. FORM K:  Evidence of Compliance of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
        (PDF: 121KB/1 page)
        or (Word: 42KB/1 page)
US Postal Service Mailing Address Street Address (hand or courier delivery)

Amy Kalal
STD and HIV Section
Minnesota Department of Health
Orville L. Freeman Building
625 Robert Street North
PO Box 64975
St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0975

Amy Kalal
STD and HIV Section
Minnesota Department of Health
Orville L. Freeman Building
625 Robert Street North
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155-2538

Hand delivered proposals must be dropped off at the loading dock in the back of the Orville L. Freeman Building.

Content Notice: This site contains HIV or STD prevention messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Since HIV and other STDs are spread primarily through sexual practices or by sharing needles, prevention messages and programs may address these topics. If you are not seeking such information or may be offended by such materials, please exit this web site.

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