HIV/AIDS Surveillance Reports 2015 - Minnesota Dept. of Health

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Reports - 2015


HIV cases among 20- to 29-year-olds increased by 24 percent, with 108 new cases reported in 2015 compared to 87 cases in 2014.

  • Cases were concentrated in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
  • Higher rates occurred among communities of color and men who have sex with men.

The number of cases among injection drug users (IDUs) increased by 86 percent, with 26 new cases in 2015 compared to 14 cases in 2014.

  • IDU cases occurred more often within the following populations:
    • White non-Hispanic males
    • Men between the ages of 20 and 39
    • Residents in the Twin Cities' metropolitan area
    • Men who have sex with men

58 percent of newly reported HIV cases were people of color.

  • Among females, more than half of all new cases were black African-born (52%) women.
  • Among males, more than one-fourth of all new cases were African-American, Non-Hispanic (26%) men.

Male to Male sex remains the leading risk factor for HIV

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