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Attendance Policy: Community Cooperative Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention

Attendance Policy: Community Cooperative Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention (PDF)

Full CCCHAP Meetings
Approximately 4 two-day CCCHAP meetings will be scheduled each year. Additional CCCHAP meetings may become necessary. CCCHAP members are required to attend 75 percent of meetings held in the calendar year (3 out of 4 meetings if no additional meetings are scheduled).

Due to the decision making structure of each meeting, members are expected to attend the whole meeting or not attend at all. Members will be allowed a 30 minute grace period if circumstances arise that cause them to arrive late or leave early. Missing more than 30 minutes at the beginning of the meeting or 30 minutes at the end of the meeting will count as an absence. (This grace period does NOT mean that CCCHAP members can routinely arrive 30 minutes late or leave 30 minutes early.)

Committee Meetings
CCCHAP members are required to serve on at least one committee during both years of their first two-year term. Members are only required to serve on a committee during one year of their second or third two-year term. Committees shall meet 4 to 5 times a year for several hours. Additional committee meetings may become necessary. Members serving on a committee are required to attend 75 percent of committee meetings held in the calendar year.

Removal from the CCCHAP and Appeal Procedure
CCCHAP members who do not meet these attendance requirements as described will automatically be removed from the CCCHAP. This removal may be appealed by a letter to the co-chairs within 30 days of being advised of removal. The appeal will be considered by the Executive Team and a decision communicated back to the individual within 30 days of receipt of the appeal.

Options for Meeting Attendance Requirements
CCCHAP members who must miss CCCHAP or committee meetings may fulfill their attendance requirements by: 1) appointing a proxy; or 2) in cases of prolonged illness, requesting an alternate.

1. Proxy
CCCHAP members may designate a proxy to attend a maximum of one CCCHAP meeting and one committee meeting per calendar year in their absence. CCCHAP members and the Parliamentarian may not serve as a proxy. The CCCHAP member is responsible for briefing the proxy on current issues under review, as well as the roles, responsibilities, and other norms that the CCCHAP may have adopted. A proxy is expected to attend the entire meeting, which in the case of a CCCHAP meeting is defined as two full days. A proxy may participate in decision making processes. A proxy will be required to complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form.

2. Alternate
In case of illness, the ill member may request that an alternate attend meetings in his/her place, until such time as the member recovers or chooses to resign. The alternate will be chosen from the existing pool of applicants or recommended by the ill member. The Membership and Training Committee will screen the qualified applicant(s) and submit a nomination to the Process and Procedures Committee. The Membership and Training Committee will also take responsibility for ensuring that the alternate receives orientation. The alternate will automatically replace the ill member should the ill member choose to resign, or at the end of the ill member’s two-year term, whichever should come first. The alternate is considered a full member of the CCCHAP, and has full decision making privileges. The alternate will be required to complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form.

(updated May 2004)

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