Community Cooperative Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention (CCCHAP)

The Community Cooperative Council on HIV/AIDS Prevention, or CCCHAP, is a community planning group that advises the Minnesota Department of Health on its work related to HIV prevention. Specifically, the CCCHAP identifies and prioritizes the populations in Minnesota that are most at risk for becoming infected with or transmitting HIV. They also identify the priority co-factors that impact each population’s risk of HIV infection or transmission. Membership on the CCCHAP is selected by and composed of community members who represent the cultural and geographic diversity of the HIV epidemic in Minnesota.



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For information related to CCCHAP meetings, contact Christine Jones at 651-201-4038 or via email.

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Minnesota Statute 121A.23 ‘Programs to prevent and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and diseases directs the Commissioner of the Department of Education, in consultation with the Commissioner of the Department of Health, to assist districts in developing and implementing a program to prevent and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and diseases, including HIV and HPV. Each district must have a program that includes: (three items of nine highlighted here)

  1. A comprehensive, technically accurate and updated curriculum that includes helping students abstain from sexual activity….
  2. A targeting of adolescents, especially those who may be at a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections….
  3. In-service training for appropriate district staff and school board members.
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For more information, contact Amy Marsicano at 651-582-8393 at the Minnesota Department of Education.

Ground Rules

• Respect Each Other
• Raise Your Hand
• Slow Down
• Ask Questions/Clarify
• Clearly Represent Yourself
• State "Support" or "Opposition"
• Agree to Respectfully Disagree
• Lay Down Your Arms

Goals and Objectives of HIV Prevention Community Planning

(PDF: 192KB/26 pages)
CCCHAP Membership Application Form
(PDF: 47KB/2 pages)
CCCHAP Member Roster (February 2014) (PDF: 28KB/2 pages) HIV Planning Guidance (PDF 1.5MB/60 pages)
CCCHAP Attendance Policy

CCCHAP Reimbursement Policy

CCCHAP Overview  


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MN State Statute about Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases mandated to the Department of Education
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