CCCHAP Meeting Minutes

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CCCHAP Minutes
Process and Procedures (formerly Executive) Committee Minutes
Membership and Training (formerly Community Access) Committee Minutes
Ad Hoc Committee Minutes
Joint Committee Meeting Minutes

CCCHAP Minutes

5/31/13 Approved 9/5/13 (PDF: 39KB/6 pages)
11/22/13 Approved 2/27/14 (PDF: 27KB/4 pages)

9/5/13 Approved (PDF: 30KB/7 pages)
3/15/13 Approved (PDF: 18KB/4 pages)

9/7/12 Approved (PDF: 32KB/6 pages)
9/6/12 Approved (PDF: 30KB/6 pages)
6/1/12 Approved (PDF: 30KB/8 pages)
1/26/12 Approved (PDF: 25KB/6 pages)

8/26/11 Approved (PDF: 26KB/3 pages)

2/17/11 Approved (PDF: 26KB/3 pages)

8/19/10 Approved (PDF: 28KB/6 pages)

4/15/10 Approved (PDF: 28KB/5 pages)
9/24/09 Approved (PDF: 16KB/3 pages)
9/23/09 Approved (PDF: 19KB/4 pages)
7/22/09 Approved (PDF: 34KB/7 pages)

7/21/09 Approved (PDF: 31KB/7 pages)
11/06/08 Approved (PDF: 428KB/20 pages)
02/22/08 Approved (PDF: 89KB/3 pages)
02/21/08 Approved (PDF: 151KB/7 pages)
01/18/08 Approved (PDF: 110KB/5 pages)
01/17/08 Approved (PDF: 200KB/11 pages)
11/15/07 Approved (PDF: 138KB/6 pages)
10/19/07 Approved (PDF: 121KB/6 pages)
10/18/07 Approved (PDF: 156KB/8 pages)
09/06/07 Approved (PDF: 78KB/3 pages)
08/17/07 Approved (PDF: 125KB/6 pages)
08/16/07 Approved (PDF: 77KB/3 pages)

12/08/06 Approved (PDF: 48KB/8 pages)
09/08/06 Draft (PDF: 39KB/7 pages) *
09/07/06 Draft (PDF: 32KB/6 pages) *
8/11/06 Approved (PDF: 172KB/11 pages)
4/21/06 Approved (PDF: 80KB/14 pages)
4/20/06 Approved (PDF: 59KB/11 pages)

3/21/06 Approved (PDF: 90KB/18 pages)

* Due to the vacant CCCHAP staff position from December 2006 to May 2007, resulting in a significant time between CCCHAP meetings, the Executive Team decided to leave these minutes as draft

Process and Procedures (formerly Executive Committee) Minutes

Membership and Training (formerly Community Access) Committee Minutes

Ad Hoc Committee Minutes

Joint Committee Minutes

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