World AIDS Day: Universities/Colleges Event Planning Tips - Minnesota Dept. of Health

How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities:
Tip Sheet for Universities/Colleges

2015 World AIDS Day Theme:

Getting to Zero - reducing new HIV infections, discrimination, and AIDS related deaths to zero

Suggested Activities
World AIDS Day Resources

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Suggested Activities

Planning something for World AIDS Day?
Contact MDH once events are set-up so they can be listed on the MDH web site's World AIDS Day Calendar of Minnesota Events.

  • Create an HIV/AIDS awareness committee to educate your campus about HIV/AIDS and host webinars or seminars on HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Work with campus administrators, faculty, staff, health service, and student leaders to organize a lecture or panel discussion on HIV/AIDS
  • Invite speakers to your campus from local hospitals, AIDS clinics, or AIDS service organizations
  • Arrange special service projects by campus, civic, religious, and social clubs and organizations
  • Organize presentations and discussion workshops with student educators in informal settings: student center, dormitories, cafeterias
  • Post information about your World AIDS Day activities on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and other social media outlets
  • Write an article or editorial for the campus paper, radio station or a departmental newsletter
  • Develop webpage fact sheets for campus website or link to other AIDS informational web sites
  • Create tabletop tents with HIV/AIDS messages and place in cafeterias, dormitories, library and student centers
  • Encourage the varsity athletic departments to sponsor a benefit game (football, basketball, hockey, etc.) where AIDS educational booths and public address or score board announcements are allowed
  • Co-host AIDS seminars with medical, public health, nursing and/or law schools
  • Host a candlelight visual, commemorate a red ribbon tree or create a display for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Ask campus student health center or local AIDS organization to provide walk-in HIV testing during the day or week
  • Collect photographs, posters, articles and drawings reflecting that people of all ethnicities, ages, genders and sexual orientation can be infected with HIV; ask different student groups to submit a piece and create a mural display for the campus student center
  • Hold a film-festival featuring educational DVDs or webinar recordings about HIV/AIDS
  • Coordinate with bars and restaurants near campus to give out free condoms; pass out literature focusing on the high correlation of HIV transmission and alcohol consumption
  • Host a resource fair in the student center; invite community agencies to set-up and staff exhibits and displays on AIDS programs and services
  • Sponsor a benefit theater production or music concert in which proceeds go to a local HIV/AIDS organization or campus HIV/AIDS program
  • Distribute and display red ribbons all over campus on trees, poles, walls, bulletin boards, etc.

Selected Resources for World AIDS Day and/or HIV/AIDS Materials