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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities:
Universities/Colleges Tips

How to Plan Activities
Selected Resources for World AIDS Day
Hotline References

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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities -- Universities/Colleges/Vocational Schools

World AIDS Day is not merely a one-day event, but rather serves as a “kick-off” for the forthcoming year to enable individuals, communities, organizations and businesses to become involved in the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and for the promotion of new or existing HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, testing and care programs. It is also a time to memorialize and show compassion for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The World AIDS Campaign's Global Steering Committee selects a theme for World AIDS Day in consultation with several agencies involved in the AIDS response. The theme until 2015 will be, “Getting to Zero.” Specific localities are encouraged to develop their own relevant activities and messages to help build HIV/AIDS awareness for their local areas in November or December. To help observe World AIDS Day, please refer to the following suggested activities:

Planning something for World AIDS Day?
Contact the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) once events are set-up so they can be listed on the MDH web site's Statewide World AIDS Day Calendar. Please submit the "Planning Something for World AIDS Day" (PDF: 11KB/1 page) form to Roy Nelson at MDH (651) 201-4027, Fax: (651) 201-4000 or e-mail:

On Campus…

  • Create an HIV/AIDS awareness committee to educate your campus about HIV/AIDS and host seminars on HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Work with campus administrators, faculty, staff, health service, and student leaders to organize a lecture or panel discussion on HIV/AIDS
  • Invite speakers to your campus from local hospitals, AIDS clinics, or AIDS service organizations
  • Arrange special service projects by campus, civic, religious, and social clubs and organizations
  • Organize presentations and discussion workshops with student educators in informal settings: student center, dormitories, cafeterias
  • Post information about your World AIDS Day activities on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and other social media outlets
  • Write an article or editorial for the campus paper, radio station or a departmental newsletter
  • Develop webpage fact sheets for campus website or link to other AIDS informational web sites
  • Create tabletop tents with HIV/AIDS messages and place in cafeterias, dormitories, library and student centers
  • Encourage the varsity athletic departments to sponsor a benefit game (football, basketball, hockey, etc.) where AIDS educational booths and public address announcements are allowed
  • Co-host AIDS seminars with medical, public health, nursing and/or law schools
  • Host a candlelight visual, commemorate a red ribbon tree or create a display for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Ask campus student health center or local AIDS organization to provide walk-in HIV testing during the day or week
  • Collect photographs, posters, articles and drawings reflecting that people of all ethnicities, ages, genders and sexual orientation can be infected with HIV; ask different student groups to submit a piece and create a mural display for the campus student center
  • Hold a film-festival featuring educational DVDs about HIV/AIDS
  • Coordinate with bars and restaurants near campus to give out free condoms; pass out literature focusing on the high correlation of HIV transmission and alcohol consumption
  • Host a resource fair in the student center; invite community agencies to set-up and staff exhibits and displays on AIDS programs and services
  • Sponsor a benefit theater production or music concert in which proceeds go to a local HIV/AIDS organization or campus HIV/AIDS program
  • Distribute and display red ribbons all over campus on trees, poles, walls, bulletin boards, etc.

Selected Resources for World AIDS Day and/or HIV/AIDS Materials

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