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World AIDS Day 2015: Getting to Zero

What is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day has been observed every year on December 1 since 1988. See the calendar of World AIDS Day Events happening in Minnesota and tips on organizing an event or observance. This worldwide effort draws people together in solidarity to pay tribute to the millions of people living with HIV/AIDS, raise awareness of the global impact of HIV/AIDS, and celebrate victories that are allowing more people to live longer and healthier lives. This year’s theme, “Getting to Zero,” is about reducing new HIV infections, discrimination, and AIDS related deaths to zero.

About 1.2 million people are living with HIV in the U.S. with about one in five of those that are unaware of their infections. With early diagnosis, individuals can be placed in treatment and care resulting in better health outcomes and prevent further spread of the disease. Find out about the Benefits of Knowing One's Status.

World AIDS Day Purpose and Theme - Getting to Zero

World AIDS Day on December 1st draws people together from around the world in solidarity to pay tribute to the millions of people living with HIV/AIDS, raise awareness of the global impact of HIV/AIDS, and celebrate victories that are allowing more people to live longer and healthier lives.

The World AIDS Campaign's Global Steering Committee has selected the theme, “Getting to Zero,” for the annual World AIDS Day observances, 2011 – 2015. The theme is about reducing new HIV infections, discrimination and AIDS related deaths to zero through increased advances and equal access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care.

Since the first cases of AIDS were reported in 1981, infection with HIV has grown to pandemic proportions, resulting in an estimated 75 million infections and 36 million deaths.

World AIDS Day Themes: Past and Present

Minnesota HIV/AIDS Data

In Minnesota, cumulatively as of December 31, 2014

  • 7,998 people are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS in Minnesota, which includes:
    • 4,221 living with HIV infection (Non- AIDS)
    • 3,767 living with AIDS
    • Communities of color experienced the greatest health disparities when looking at infection rates by race and ethnicity compared to white non-Hispanics due to social and medical disadvantages
    In Minnesota, 307 cases of HIV infection reported in 2014 – a 2 percent increase from 2013:
  • Men who have sex with men and persons of color continue to have higher HIV rates due to cultural barriers, socioeconomic conditions, and limited access to culturally specific health care. This is particularly true among African Americans, African-born, Latinos and American Indian communities.
  • Nearly one in three reported HIV cases were among 20 to 29 year olds.

Complete HIV MDH surveillance data is available online.

AIDS Facts: Worldwide estimates in 2015 (UNAIDS):
Over 75 million have been infected since 1981:

  • 35.3 million living with HIV/AIDS
  • Over 39 million have died

2.1 million Infected in 2013 (6,300 per day)
1.5 million AIDS related deaths in 2013
240,000 children infected in 2013

In Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • Each day about 4,400 are infected
  • Each day about 3,300 die of AIDS
  • 25 million are living with HIV (

United States (reported as of 12/31/11 by CDC):
1,190,719 AIDS cases estimated
658,992 deaths among AIDS cases (est. in 11)
50,000 new HIV/AIDS cases occur per year
A lmost 1.2 million are living with HIV and about one fifth are unaware of their infection (CDC)

World AIDS Day Proclamation

December 1 has been proclaimed as World AIDS Day in Minnesota. As AIDS and HIV continue to be a major public health concern here in Minnesota and worldwide, the Governor has joined the worldwide effort in battling the pandemic. A proclamation declaring Minnesota's observance is provided.

The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic: A Timeline of Key Milestones is designed to serve as an ongoing reference tool for many of the political, scientific, cultural and community events that have occurred over the history of the epidemic.

World AIDS Day International Sponsor and Resources

World AIDS Campaign
3rd Floor, 38 Hout Street
Cape Town, 8001
South Africa
Tel: + 27 21 487 3010

World AIDS Day Resources


Past and present themes for World AIDS Day:

1988… Talk about HIV/AIDS
1989… Youth
1990… Women and AIDS
1991… Sharing the Challenge
1992… Community Commitment
1993… Time to Act
1994… AIDS and Families
1995… Shared Rights, Shared Responsibilities
1996… One World, One Hope
1997… Children Living in a World With AIDS
1998… Young People Can Be a Force for Change
1999… AIDS-Ending the Silence: Listen, Learn, Live
2000… AIDS-Men Make a Difference
2001… I Care, Do You?
2002… Stigma and Discrimination: Live and Let Live
2003… Stigma and Discrimination: Live and Let Live
2004… Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS
2005-2010… Stop AIDS. Keep the promise.
2011 – 2015…Getting to Zero

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