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How to Plan National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) Events
Community-Based Organizations

To help observe NBHAAD in your community, please refer to the following planning guidelines and suggested activities:

  • Contact NBHAAD national web site to download posters, tool kits and news releases at:

  • Contact individuals, organizations and governmental agencies in your community interested in supporting NBHAAD activities and host a “Town Hall” meeting or community event to re-sound the alarm about the impact HIV has had on its local African American and African residents

  • Determine if a single collective event or town hall meeting or a series of independent events and meetings would be best to raise awareness:
    • Create a planning schedule. Include specific activities, responsibilities and timetable
    • Obtain resources, partnerships and secure funds as needed to host events and create promotional materials
  • Submit a proclamation to your agency board or city council stating that your organization recognizes NBHAAD

  • Contact schools, business leaders, clergy, health care organizations and clinics and encourage their scheduling of prevention seminars or video showings for their clients and/or staff on behalf of NBHAAD

  • Hold a candlelight vigil at a public location or at your agency with singers, rappers, musicians, poets, dancers, performers and story tellers

  • Commemorate a bulletin board, exhibit, etc., in memory of those who have died of AIDS in your agency/organization’s lobby

  • Distribute NBHAAD information:
    • Place NBHAAD information and links onto your agency’s web site
    • Display posters, flyers, or brochures in your lobby and in your lunch room
    • Send/post announcements about events, activities and resources using your agency’s e-mail address books, mailings, newsletters and social media outlets
  • Write a news release or editorial to your local newspaper demonstrating support or listing your events for NBHAAD. Take photos of your event(s) and post on your agency’s web site

  • Contact the NAMES Project and bring The AIDS Memorial Quilt to your agency or NBHAAD event, or sew a square onto the quilt, (404) 688-5500;

  • Display exhibits, posters, flyers, videos, or brochures about HIV/AIDS at a public location such as a library, bar, store, governmental office, social services agency, employment office or during an existing community event

  • Wear/distribute to others a red ribbon as a symbol of hope to work sites, schools and community groups

  • Encourage area churches, temples, mosques and synagogues to participate by announcing local NBHAAD related events during their worship services and in their bulletins, newsletters, websites and e-mail messages/bulletins

  • Participate with or help promote other existing NBHAAD events

    Selected Educational Resources for NBHAAD and/or HIV/AIDS Materials

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    1600 Clifton Road
    Atlanta, GA 30333
    Work phone: (800) 232-4636
    TTY: (888) 232-6348
    CDC Web site

Minnesota Department of Health
Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention and Control Division
STD, HIV and TB Section
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55155-2538
Work phone: 651-201-4027
Fax phone: 651-201-4000
Web site:

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
c/o Strategic Leadership Council


Office of Minority Health Resource Center
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
PO Box 37337
Washington, DC 20013-7337
Work phone: (800) 444-6472
Fax phone: (301) 251-2160
Web site:

The NAMES Project Foundation
AIDS Memorial Quilt
204 14th Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318-5304
Work phone: (404) 688-5500
Fax phone: (404) 688-5552
Web site:

The National Minority AIDS Council
1931 13th Street Northwest
Washington DC, 20009
Work phone: (202) 483-6622, ext. 333
Fax phone: (202) 483-1135
Web site:


Minnesota AIDS Project
Metro Area: 612-373-AIDS
612-373-2465 TTY
Statewide: 1-800-248-AIDS
1-888-820-2437 TTY
Web site:

CDC National Prevention Information Network
1-800-243-7012 TTY
Web site:

CDC National STD and AIDS Hotlines (English and Spanish)
1-888-232-6348 TTY
Web site:


Greater Than AIDS Campaign
Testing Makes Us Stronger Campaign
Get Yourself Tested Campaign
HIV Treatment Works Campaign 

Let’s Stop HIV Together Campaign


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