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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities:
School Tips

2015 World AIDS Day Theme:

Getting to Zero - reducing new HIV infections, discrimination, and AIDS related deaths to zero

Suggested Activities
World AIDS Day Resources

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Suggested Activities

Planning something for World AIDS Day?
Contact MDH once events are set-up so they can be listed on the MDH web site's World AIDS Day Calendar of Minnesota Events.

  • Set aside class time for a special lesson or speaker on HIV/AIDS or start a peer education program
  • Plan a special session for parents to learn about talking with children and teenagers about HIV/AIDS
  • Obtain or create a website, brochure or DVD for teaching students and parents the facts about HIV/AIDS
  • Invite a person living with AIDS or health care worker to come and talk to students about HIV/AIDS
  • Sponsor a poster, T-shirt, exhibit, rap, song, ad, bumper sticker or text message design contest for the 2015 theme
  • Create a special HIV/AIDS writing assignment for December 1 (or any day):  blog, essay, poem, book report, brochure, poster, or research report
  • Obtain public service announcements from CDC about HIV/AIDS and air over the school’s public address system or cable TV program
  • Distribute red ribbons and information about HIV/AIDS at an exhibit set up in the school. Send electronic ribbon through social media outlets
  • Make a long-term commitment to develop and support HIV prevention education in the context of comprehensive school health education
  • Decorate trees, school buildings, classrooms, lamp posts, walls, bulletin boards or fences with red ribbons
  • Form a youth rap, dancing, singing, band or theater group that dedicates performances to those affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Have older students from the local high school, trained in HIV/AIDS, talk to junior high or elementary school students
  • Prepare a current events bulletin board for students to fill with newspaper articles about HIV/AIDS
  • Bring AIDS Memorial Quilt to your school.  Contact the National High School Quilt Program, NAMES Project Foundation, 404-688-5500
  • Role play to make students aware of instances of discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Create a board game, quiz or game show on HIV/AIDS facts that can be used in the classroom
  • Develop a text messaging exchange between students and persons affected in different cities and countries
  • Write a letter, article or ad for the school newspaper, newsletter or website about HIV/AIDS
  • Host a health fair in the school auditorium; invite community agencies to set-up and staff exhibits and displays on AIDS programs and services
  • Host a film festival and show DVDs or webinar recordings in which other teens talk about their personal experiences with HIV/AIDS
  • Get permission from your school to set-up and staff a display at a public mall or venue; distribute red ribbons and educational brochures
  • Post information about your World AIDS Day activities on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and other social media outlets

Selected Resources for World AIDS Day and/or HIV/AIDS Materials