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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities -- Schools

World AIDS Day is not merely a one-day event, but rather serves as a “kick-off” for the forthcoming year to enable individuals, communities, organizations and businesses to become involved in the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and for the promotion of new or existing HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and care programs. It is also a time to reflect, memorialize and show compassion for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The World AIDS Campaign's Global Steering Committee selects a theme for World AIDS Day in consultation with several agencies involved in the AIDS response. The theme until 2015 will be, “Getting to Zero.” Specific localities are encouraged to develop their own relevant activities and messages to help build HIV/AIDS awareness for their local areas in November or December. To help observe World AIDS Day, please refer to the following suggested activities:

Planning something for World AIDS Day?
Contact the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) once events are set-up so they can be listed on the MDH web site's Statewide World AIDS Day Calendar. Please submit the "Planning Something for World AIDS Day" (PDF: 11KB/1 page) form to Roy Nelson at MDH (651) 201-4027, Fax: (651) 201-4000 or e-mail:

  • Set aside class time for a special lesson or speaker on HIV/AIDS or start a peer education program
  • Plan a special session for parents to learn about talking with children and teenagers about HIV/AIDS
  • Obtain or create a website, brochure or DVD for teaching students and parents the facts about HIV/AIDS
  • Invite a person living with AIDS or health care worker to come and talk to students about HIV/AIDS
  • Sponsor a poster, T-shirt, exhibit, rap, song, ad, bumper sticker or text message design contest for the theme
  • Create a special HIV/AIDS writing assignment for December 1 (or any day):  essay, poem, book report, brochure, poster, or research report
  • Obtain public service announcements about HIV/AIDS and air over the school’s public address system or cable TV program.
  • Distribute red ribbons and information about HIV/AIDS at an exhibit set up in the school. Send electronic ribbon through social media outlets
  • Make a long-term commitment to develop and support HIV prevention education in the context of comprehensive school health education
  • Decorate trees, school buildings, classrooms, lamp posts, walls, bulletin boards or fences with red ribbons
  • Form a youth rap, dancing, singing, band or theater group that dedicates performances to those affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Have older students from the local high school, trained in HIV/AIDS, talk to junior high or elementary school students
  • Prepare a current events bulletin board for students to fill with newspaper articles about HIV/AIDS
  • Bring AIDS Memorial Quilt to your school.  Contact the National High School Quilt Program, NAMES Project Foundation, (404) 688-5500;
  • Role play to make students aware of instances of discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Create a board game, quiz or game show on HIV/AIDS facts that can be used in the classroom
  • Develop a text messaging exchange between students and persons affected in different cities and countries
  • Write a letter, article or ad for the school newspaper, newsletter or website about HIV/AIDS
  • Host a health fair in the school auditorium; invite community agencies to set-up and staff exhibits and displays on AIDS programs and services
  • Host a film festival and show DVDs in which other teens talk about their personal experiences with HIV/AIDS
  • Get permission from your school to set-up and staff a display at a public mall or venue; distribute red ribbons and educational brochures
  • Post information about your World AIDS Day activities on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and other social media outlets

Selected Resources for World AIDS Day and/or HIV/AIDS Materials

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