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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities:
Tip Sheets for Planning Events

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Planning something for World AIDS Day?
Contact MDH once events are set-up so they can be listed on the MDH web site's World AIDS Day Calendar of Minnesota Events, or contact Roy Nelson at MDH, call 651-201-4027 or e-mail:

What Can Be Done By Individuals and Health Providers

  • As individuals - talk about HIV, get tested, use condoms during sex, avoid needle sharing, ask your doctor about the pill that prevents HIV (PrEP), and get treated and stay in care if infected.
  • Doctors, nurses, and other health care providers can offer all patients HIV testing as a routine part of their health care.
  • Communities can support HIV testing at multiple venues.
  • State and local health departments can create programs and adopt policies for offering routine HIV testing in health care settings and to help people at high risk for HIV get tested frequently.
  • Health providers need to follow CDC’s screening guidelines:
    • One-time HIV screening for everyone ages 15–65;
    • HIV testing for pregnant women; and
    • Annual HIV screening for high-risk groups.