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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities:
Work Sites/Businesses Tips

2015 World AIDS Day Theme:

Getting to Zero - reducing new HIV infections, discrimination, and AIDS related deaths to zero

Suggested Activities
World AIDS Day Resources

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Suggested Activities

Planning something for World AIDS Day?
Contact MDH once events are set-up so they can be listed on the MDH web site's World AIDS Day Calendar of Minnesota Events.

  • Ask your employer to help establish December 1 as  a day to address the issue of HIV/AIDS in your workplace
  • Organize a meeting or planning committee to plan for World AIDS Day activities
  • Organize a meeting to clarify office policies concerning HIV/AIDS education
  • Educate employees on the protection of people with HIV/AIDS and on non-discrimination laws:
    • List fact sheets on company’s website
    • Invite guest speakers and exhibitors
    • Discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Educate employees about the prevention of HIV/AIDS:
    • Display posters, flyers, brochures
    • Invite guest speakers and agency displays
    • Provide information through employee newsletters, payroll stuffers, Email messages and web pages
    • Emphasize family awareness and encourage employees and co-workers to educate their families about HIV prevention
  • Make long-term commitment for comprehensive HIV workplace prevention education to include:  policy development, training of managers, supervisors, and executives in that policy; employee and family education; and, the development of corporate/community service volunteerism
  • Have your company sponsor community events:
    • Donate products to local HIV/AIDS programs
    • Organize an AIDS fundraising event (run, walk, bike)
    • Set-up display in a public building
    • Form a team to participate with a local AIDS walk
  • Distribute World AIDS Day information:
    • Submit a proclamation to your employer stating that your business recognizes World AIDS Day
    • Post information about your World AIDS Day activities on your company’s blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and other social media outlets
    • Encourage your office to display posters, flyers, or brochures by company mailboxes or break rooms
    • Insert World AIDS Day materials or red ribbons in pay check envelopes
  • Retail businesses:
    • Place a World AIDS Day poster in your window
    • Place information pamphlets about AIDS at the checkout counters, waiting areas or  lobbies
    • Donate products and services to groups planning events for World AIDS Day
  • Launch the Business Responds to AIDS (BRTA) program or Labor Responds to AIDS (LRTA) program.  Obtain BRTA/LRTA materials from the CDC National Prevention Information Network: 1-877-242-9760
  • Contact the Minnesota AIDS Project’s Wise at Work program for local resources and support at: 1-800-248-2437

Selected Resources for World AIDS Day and/or HIV/AIDS Materials