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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities:
Work Site/Health Care Facility Tips

How to Plan Activities
Selected Resources for World AIDS Day
Hotline References

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How to Plan World AIDS Day Activities -- Work Site/Health Care Facilities

World AIDS Day is not merely a one-day event, but rather serves as a “kick-off” for the forthcoming year to enable individuals, communities, organizations and businesses to become involved in the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and for the promotion of new or existing HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and care programs. It is also a time to reflect, memorialize and show compassion for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The World AIDS Campaign's Global Steering Committee selects a theme for World AIDS Day in consultation with several agencies involved in the AIDS response. The theme until 2015 will be, “Getting to Zero.” Specific localities are encouraged to develop their own relevant activities and messages to help build HIV/AIDS awareness for their local areas in November or December. To help observe World AIDS Day, please refer to the following suggested activities:

Planning something for World AIDS Day?
Contact the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) once events are set-up so they can be listed on the MDH web site's Statewide World AIDS Day Calendar. Please submit the "Planning Something for World AIDS Day" (PDF) form to Roy Nelson at MDH (651) 201-4027, Fax: (651) 201-4000 or e-mail:

  • Ask your employer to help establish December 1 as a day to address the issue of HIV/AIDS in your workplace
  • Organize a meeting or planning committee to plan for World AIDS Day activities
  • Organize a meeting to establish or clarify office policies concerning HIV/AIDS education and awareness
  • Educate employees on the protection of people with HIV/AIDS and on non-discrimination laws:
    • list fact sheets on company’s web site
    • invite guest speakers and exhibitors
    • discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Educate employees about the prevention of HIV/AIDS:
    • display posters, flyers, brochures
    • invite guest speakers and agency displays
    • provide information through employee newsletters, payroll stuffers, e-mail messages and web pages
    • emphasize family awareness and encourage employees and co-workers to educate their families about HIV prevention
  • Make long-term commitment for comprehensive HIV workplace prevention education to include:  policy development, training of managers, supervisors, and executives in that policy; employee and family education; and, the development of corporate/community service volunteerism

  • Have your company sponsor community events:
    • donate products to local HIV/AIDS programs
    • organize an AIDS fundraising event (run, walk, bike)
    • set up display in a public building
    • form a team to participate with a local AIDS walk
  • Distribute World AIDS Day information:
    • submit a proclamation to your employer stating that your business recognizes World AIDS Day
    • develop cards with the World AIDS Day logo, your business logo, and the national and local AIDS hotline numbers
    • encourage your office to display posters, flyers, or brochures by company mailboxes or break rooms
    • insert World AIDS Day materials or red ribbons in pay check envelopes
  • Retail businesses:
    • place a World AIDS Day poster in your window
    • place information pamphlets about AIDS at the checkout counters, waiting areas or lobbies
    • donate products and services to groups planning events for World AIDS Day
    • Launch the Business Responds to AIDS (BRTA) program or Labor Responds to AIDS (LRTA) program.  Obtain BRTA/LRTA materials from the CDC National Prevention Information Network 1-877-242-9760.
    • Contact the Minnesota AIDS Project’s Wise at Work program for local resources and support at 1-800-248-2437

Selected Resources for World AIDS Day and/or HIV/AIDS Materials

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