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Measles (Rubeola)

Last updated 7/13/17

Confirmed cases: 79
(Updated at 1 p.m. when data changes)

  • 79 total cases:
    • 70 in Hennepin County
    • 3 in Ramsey County
    • 4 in Crow Wing County
    • 2 in Le Sueur County

  • Vaccination status:
    • 71 confirmed to be unvaccinated
    • 3 had 1 dose of MMR
    • 3 had 2 doses of MMR
    • 2 are unknown/pending

  • Age:
    • 74 in children (ages 0-17 years)
    • 5 in adults

  • Race/Ethnicity:
    • 64 are Somali Minnesotan
    • 11 are White/Non-Hispanic
    • 3 are White/Hispanic
    • 1 is Black/Non-Hispanic

People at high risk of getting measles

  • Measles spreads easily among people who are not vaccinated.
    • Unvaccinated people who are exposed to measles will be contacted by public health or a health care facility and asked to stay home for up to 21 days. This means not going to school, child care, work, and other places where many people gather.
  • Areas with low immunization rates are a concern not only for those who are unvaccinated by choice, but also for those who cannot be vaccinated due to health status or age.

Vaccination recommendations

  • All Minnesota children 12 months and older who have not received a measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine should get it now.
    • Babies younger than 12 months may have some protection from their mothers if their mothers have been vaccinated or have had measles.
  • Adults born in 1957 or later who have never received the MMR vaccine and have never had measles should get the vaccine now.
  • The following children should get their second dose of MMR vaccine as soon as possible but at least 28 days after the first:
    • Somali Minnesotan children statewide.
    • Children in Hennepin, Ramsey, Crow Wing, and Le Sueur counties.
  • Health care providers may recommend an early second dose of the MMR vaccine during routine appointments for children statewide.
  • Children 12 months of age and older who get an early second dose of MMR vaccine do not need to get another dose at 4-6 years of age. Once they have two doses that are given at least 28 days apart, they're done with the MMR vaccine series.

If you or your child has symptoms of measles

  • Call your doctor or clinic right away if you see symptoms of measles. Your doctor or clinic will let you know if you need to come in for a visit.
  • Symptoms include:
    • Fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes.
    • Then a rash develops that usually spreads from the head to the rest of the body.

Check your immunization record

More information about measles

  • Measles Basics
    General information about measles, including symptoms, complications, vaccines, tests, and treatment.
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