Pertussis Basics

The best way to prevent pertussis is for all children to be fully vaccinated on time.

  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
    Fact sheet with general information about pertussis, including symptoms, complications, tests, and treatment.
  • Pertussis: What Parents Need to Know
    Fact sheet for parents of children in child care and school and other activities who have questions about pertussis. Available in English, Hmong, Russian, Somali, and Spanish.
  • Parapertussis
    Fact sheet about parapertussis, a milder form of pertussis, including symptoms, tests, and treatment.
  • Pertussis: Silence the Sounds of Pertussis
    Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases (PKIDs) materials about pertussis prevention, including audio of whooping cough and a video PSA featuring actress and mother Keri Russell. Attention: Non-MDH link
  • Sounds of Pertussis
    Campaign to provide information about the disease and how to prevent it. Attention: Non-MDH link

  • About Pertussis
    General information from the CDC about pertussis, including transmission, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Also includes photos and kid-friendly fact sheet. Attention: Non-MDH link

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