Management of Animals Exposed to a Rabid Animal

Animal Bites and Rabies Risk: A Guide for Health Professionals

Rabies is a reportable disease in Minnesota. Any person who has reason to believe that an animal is affected with rabies or has been exposed to rabies should call the Minnesota Board of Animal Health (BAH) at (651) 201-6808. BAH investigates all cases in which a domestic animal has been exposed to rabies and, when necessary, will quarantine exposed animals.

Exposed animals are managed as follows:

  • An animal that is currently vaccinated for rabies at the time of the exposure is immediately revaccinated for rabies and kept under quarantine or confinement for 40 days.
  • An animal for which there is a licensed rabies vaccine, but which has never been vaccinated for rabies, is usually euthanized. Alternately, the exposed animal may be vaccinated for rabies and quarantined for 180 days.
  • All other animals are evaluated on a case by case basis by BAH. The exposed animal may be euthanized, quarantined, or confined for up to 180 days.

A wild animal that has potentially exposed a domestic animal to rabies should be tested whenever possible. Local animal control officers in some communities may assist with capturing a wild animal for rabies testing. Veterinarians can be contacted to assist with rabies specimen submission.
For questions about rabies in animals or to report suspect or exposed animals, contact: Minnesota Board of Animal Health (651) 201-6808

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