Syphilis: Resources for clinicians

Clinician’s Tool Kit may be ordered or downloaded from our web site.

Healthcare and Men who Have Sex With Men: Challenges and Opportunities

Sample syphilis testing and treatment protocol now available
for download and to view on-line.

Aid to Diagnosis information page

We now have a photo guide to aid in syphilis diagnosis. Its available on-line or as a PDF download, as well as ordered as part of the syphilis tool kit.

Updated Syphilis Clinical Training Now Available 
Syphilis Self Study Module - Web-based training course designed to guide clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of syphilis. Continuing education credits available. 

Ready to Use Syphilis Curriculum for Clinical Educators
- Comprehensive curricular materials that can be downloaded by clinical educators for classroom use. Each module contains a slide presentation, an instructor's guide, a case study, and test questions.

How you can help eliminate syphilis

Health care providers are the front line of any effort to eliminate syphilis. Offering your patients the highest quality health care is your goal, and helping you in that effort is ours.

Keys to addressing syphilis with your patients:

Be alert for syphilis. Many clinicians have rarely encountered syphilis, if at all, in their practice. Re-familiarize yourselves with the routes of transmission, the symptoms, and treatments.

Taking a good risk assessment is one key to appropriate care. Know what questions to ask when assessing your patient's risk. MDH has a new Risk Assessment Tool that may help.

Have a written protocol. Syphilis treatment guidelines can be complex and require extensive follow-up. It is important for clinics to have clear procedure for best patient care. MDH has a new sample testing and treatment protocol for your use.

File required case reports. It is mandatory that syphilis be reported to the Minnesota Department of Health within one day. Visit here for case reporting instructions.

MDH offers free a tool kit for clinicians. It may be ordered or downloaded from our web site.

For more information:

For more information on syphilis, call 651-201-5414

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