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About Ebola

Fact sheets and general Ebola information including: signs and symptoms, transmission, and treatment.

thumbnail image of MDH's ebola frequently asked questions document MDH Ebola Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about Ebola virus disease.
Updated 11/5/14
thumbnail image of MDH's ebola fact sheet

MDH Ebola Fact Sheet
Ebola facts, including common symptoms, how it is spread, who is at risk, how to prevent it, and travel guidance. Also available in French, Hmong, Somali, and Spanish.
Updated 10/27/2014

Thumbnail Image of CDC factsheet CDC Ebola Factsheet
CDC fact sheet translated into several languages: Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Farsi, French, Hindi, Nepali, Oromo, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Urdu.
Page Updated 10/20/2014
Thumbnail image of CDC Infographic Facts About Ebola in the U.S.: CDC Infographic
Infographic on Ebola.
Page Updated 10/24/2014
Thumbnail image of CDC Infographic How is Ebola Spread: CDC Infographic (PDF:1508KB/1 page)
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Thumbnail image of CDC Infographic Is it Flu or Ebola: CDC Infographic (PDF: 736KB/1 page)
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