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Excluding Athletes from Competition or Practice

When should an athlete be referred to a health care provider?

  • Any lesion, sore, or rash on the skin you are concerned about, especially those that are red, swollen, or draining fluid.
  • The athlete also has other signs of illness such as fever or vomiting.
  • Multiple athletes have similar symptoms.

When should an athlete be excluded from competition or practice?

  • When the athlete has any concerning lesion, sore, or rash until evaluated by a health care provider.
  • In general, if an athlete has an infection with fluid draining from the wound and participates in sport with a lot of skin-to-skin contact, they should be excluded until the infection is healed.

When can an athlete return to competition or practice?

  • Consult with the athlete’s health care provider and specific sports league rules.

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