Restrictions on Food Workers and Child Care Attendance - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Illness-Related Restrictions for Food Workers, and for Children or Staff in a Daycare or Preschool Setting

Children and adults may be subject to certain restrictions from daycare/preschool or food service when they are ill with a diarrheal illness.

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Children or Staff in a Daycare or Preschool
Food Service Employees
Schools and Long-term Care Facilities

Children or Staff in a Daycare or Preschool Setting

Food Service Employees

  • If you are a food service worker who has been diagnosed with a foodborne illness, please call the MDH Foodborne Illness Hotline at 1-877-FOOD-ILL (1-877-366-3455).

  • Exclusions and Restrictions
    Minnesota Rule 4626.0045 2-201.12. Attention: Non-MDH link

  • Illness Reporting for Foodservice Fact Sheet
    Fact sheet for food workers and food managers. This fact sheet is available for download in five languages (English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Chinese).

  • Foodworker Illness Awareness
    Workers who prepare food while experiencing diarrhea and/or vomiting are frequently linked to foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants and other retail food outlets. As a food manager or worker you have a responsibility to protect yourself and your guests from foodborne illness.

Schools and Long-term Care Facilities

  • Information on controlling outbreaks of gastroenteritis at schools and long-term care facilities is available from MDH. Please call 1-877-FOODILL (or 1-877-366-3455) to request materials.


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