Ambulatory Care Clinic Tool Kit - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Infection Prevention and Control for Outpatient (Ambulatory) Care Clinics

Revised 10/2008.

Download a print version of this tool kit:
Ambulatory Care Clinic Tool Kit (PDF: 958KB/60 pages)

This toolkit contains material for the clinic management team to use in planning for and responding to infection control aspects of an influenza pandemic. Provided are useful policies, fact sheets, templates, and checklists that can be adapted to fit your facility type and size. The information should be integrated with your clinic’s emergency management plan.

Table of Contents

General Infection Control:

  1. Overview of Infection Control Precautions
    1. Standard Precautions, Respiratory Hygiene, and Cough Etiquette during an Influenza Pandemic
    2. Full Barrier Infection Control Precautions during an Influenza Pandemic

Respiratory Protection:

  1. Respiratory Protection Program
  2. Challenges to Employee N-95 Compliance and Suggested Employer Steps to Improve Compliance
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Ambulatory Care and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Ambulatory Care Pandemic Influenza Infection Control Planning Action Lists

  1. Clinic Administration Action List
  2. Supervisor/Lead Action List
  3. Respiratory Protection Program Administrator/Nurse Manager Action List

Service Continuation Priorities

  1. Service Continuation Priorities
  2. Staff Responsibilities and Requirements under Normal and Pandemic Settings
  3. Staff Emergency Contact Information

Surge Capacity and Inventory Assessment

  1. Surge Capacity Worksheet
  2. Surge Capacity Inventory Calculations
  3. Infection Control Supply Resource Management/Assessment

Triage Guidelines

  1. Clinic Algorithm – NO transmission in U.S
  2. Clinic Algorithm – Transmission in U.S
  3. Appointment Desk: Telephone Triage Guidelines
  4. Nurse/Clinical: Telephone Triage Guidelines
  5. On-site Nursing Clinical Triage and Evaluation Form
  6. On-site Volunteer Staff Triage Form
  7. Telephone Voice Message Guidelines

Educational Resources (Appendices)

  1. MERET information
  2. Hand hygiene materials
  3. Cover Your Cough materials
  4. Clinic Respiratory Protection Program Template
  5. Web resources
  6. Preparedness Timeline


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