Cover Your Cough Poster for the Community

The "green" cover your cough poster for the community asking people to cover their cough and clean their hands. This poster is available for download in thirteen languages (English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong, Burmese, Nepali, Lao, Chinese, French, Khmer, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese).

Cover Your Cough Poster for the community - click to view larger

Download PDF version formatted for print:
Cover Your Cough - poster, English (PDF: 180KB/1 page)

Other languages:
  Amharic (PDF: 2430KB/1 page)
  Arabic (PDF: 2340KB/1 page)
  Burmese (PDF: 1000KB/1 page)
  Hmong (PDF: 186KB/1 page)
  Karen (PDF: 2500KB/1 page)
  Lao (PDF: 979KB/1 page)
  Nepali (PDF: 964KB/1 page)
  Oromo (PDF: 1100KB/1 page)
  Somali (PDF: 181KB/1 page)
  Spanish (PDF: 137KB/1 page)

Other languages from the CDC:
  Chinese (PDF: 212KB/1 page)
  French (PDF: 289KB/1 page)
  Khmer (PDF: 279KB/1page)
  Portuguese (PDF: 300KB/1 page)
  Tagalog (PDF: 75KB/1 page)
  Vietnamese (PDF: 74KB/1 page)
  Translated by the CDC. Attention: non-MDH links.

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