Inspecting, Maintenance and Repairs:
Public Health Respiratory Protection Program Template

All types of respirators should be inspected prior to use

N95 - disposable

    1. Examine the face piece of the disposable respirator to determine if it has structural integrity. Discard if there are nicks, abrasions, cuts, or creases in seal area or if the filter material is physically damaged or soiled.
    2. Check the respirator straps to be sure they are not cut or otherwise damaged.
    3. Make sure the metal nose clip is in place and functions properly (if applicable).
    4. Disposable respirators are not to be stored after use. They are to be discarded.


    1. Inspect the breathing tube and body of the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter for damage.
    2. Examine the hood for physical damage (if parts are damaged, contact the Respiratory Program Administrator).
    3. Check for airflow prior to use.
    4. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations on maintenance, including battery recharging.

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