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Information for Health Care Professionals about Mosquitoborne Diseases

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MLS: Laboratory testing recommendations for Zika virus infections (PDF)
Aug. 9, 2016: Minnesota Laboratory System (MLS) Laboratory Update

HAN: Zika in Minnesota (PDF)
Jan 27, 2016: Health Alert Network (HAN) Health Advisory

HAN: Zika Virus Infection (PDF)
Jan. 19, 2016: Health Alert Network (HAN) Health Advisory

MLS Update: Powassan and Arbovirus Testing for the 2015 Season (PDF)
April 10, 2015: Minnesota Laboratory System (MLS)


Zika virus

  • Testing for Zika virus can be complex, and is not recommended for everyone. CDC has released updated guidance for testing pregnant women with possible exposure to Zika virus. As part of this guidance, CDC encourages providers to check with state or local health departments for jurisdictional recommendations, which may differ from CDC guidance based on epidemiologic considerations.

    MDH continues to recommend Zika virus testing for symptomatic patients with possible Zika virus exposure, as well as pregnant women with possible Zika virus exposure, regardless of symptoms, due to ongoing transmission of Zika in many areas of the world. For questions regarding testing recommendations, healthcare providers are encouraged to contact MDH epidemiology staff. Due to current testing limitations, a screening test for possible Zika virus infection after travel is not recommended for pregnancy planning purposes. Instead, women and their partners who may become pregnant in the near future should either avoid travel to areas with risk of Zika virus or consider waiting to get pregnant after returning from an affected area. For more information, visit the CDC Zika and Pregnancy webpage.

  • Testing for Zika Virus
    Testing information for Zika virus, including a web tool to help health care providers apply the updated recommendations for Zika virus testing, interpretation of test results, and clinical management for a pregnant woman with possible exposure to Zika virus. Attention: Non-MDH link

  • Update: Interim Guidance for Preconception Counseling and Prevention of Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus for Persons with Possible Zika Virus Exposure – United States, September 2016
    Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR): Sep 30, 2016 / 65 (Early Release).

West Nile and other arboviral diseases


Disease Reporting

  • MDH staff also are available to provide clinical consultation regarding testing and diagnosis of all mosquitoborne diseases. Call 651-201-5414 for a clinical consultation.

  • Infectious Disease Reporting
    • Reporting Arboviral Disease
      Arboviral diseases (including but not limited to La Crosse encephalitis, eastern equine encephalitis, western equine encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, and West Nile virus) must be reported to MDH within one working day.

Newsletter Articles

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