How Do I Access Clean Syringes Without a Prescription? A List of Participating Pharmacies

The Minnesota Pharmacy Syringe Access Initiative is a program to reduce HIV and HCV transmission among people who use injection equipment and do not always have access to clean syringes.

If you are a MN Pharmacy Store Manager and would like your store added or deleted from this list, please contact our Syringe Services Program by sending an email to the MDH HIV Testing Coordinator, Peggy Darrett-Brewer.

WARNING! Some of these pharmacies may have had staff turnover and are not aware that they are listed as a participating pharmacy. To ensure you are treated well, we recommend that you call first if you are unfamiliar with purchasing at a particular store. If you need a better resource, please send us an email.

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Updated Wednesday, October 08, 2014 at 01:02PM