Minnesota Department of Health's STD/HIV/TB Section Condom Distribution Project:

Free Condoms and Lubricant For Eligible Agencies (1)

To participate, please complete and submit the form below by: Friday, December 18, 2015.

STD and HIV prevention are critical public health priorities. Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) reports that the number of reportable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Minnesota climbed to a new high of 24,599 in 2014. The continued rise (6% rise from 2013) in STDs prompted health officials to encourage sexually active people to practice prevention and get tested regularly.

Of particular note is chlamydia, the number one reported infectious disease in the state reaching a record level of 19,897 cases statewide with nearly one in three cases occurring in the Greater Minnesota areas. The majority of cases occurred in teens and young adults' ages 15 to 24.

Condoms, when used consistently and correctly, are one means of reducing the transmission of both STDs and HIV. To this end, certain agencies have been deemed eligible to participate in the Minnesota Department of Health's STD, HIV and TB Section Condom Distribution Project. These eligible agencies are: Tribal Health, Ryan White, Local Public Health, FQHCs, Selected Infectious Disease Clinics and Selected MDH Grantee Partners.

This project is not open to the general public, nor to those not invited directly by email to participate.

Based on past input and public health rationale, the STD, HIV and TB Section is making condoms available this year free of charge to eligible agencies. Contingent on the availability of funds, this project may be extended or repeated in future years.  As you decide if your agency should participate, please consider the following:

  • Does your agency or community partners need these condoms? Does your agency have or can your agency access other funds to purchase condoms and lubricant?
  • Condoms and lubricant ordered through this project must be distributed for free and individuals must not be charged;
  • The ability to store and distribute condoms and lubricant (male condom shelf life is 3-5 years and a case of 1,000 condoms measures (8" W x 18" L x 8" H); Condom Storage and Distribution Guidelines (PDF: 26KB/3 pages)
  • Staff are comfortable and equipped to educate individuals on correct condom and lubricant usage;
  • An agency may only order once, regardless of the number of projects/activities it conducts; and,
  • An agency may redistribute condoms to other agencies/programs who are not eligible to participate directly as long as the condoms are given free of charge to individuals in need (e.g. chemical dependency treatment centers, community clinics, battered women's shelters, etc.).

To participate, please complete and submit the form below by Friday, December 18, 2015.

(The order must be submitted by the above date, no exceptions will be made)

The distributor will mail shipments directly to you. Current shipment time is 4-5 weeks. All orders will be shipped after the Friday, December 18, 2015 deadline, regardless of order date.

Download Instruction for Using Male Condoms, storage guidelines and material order forms, formatted for print:

Questions?  Contact Kathy Chinn at (651) 201-4008 or via email


  • Limit two cases of condoms (either Atlas Ultra-Lubed or Atlas XL, each have 1,000 condoms per case)
  • Limit one case of lubricant.
    (Cases will not be split.)
Select condoms:

Atlas Ultra-Lubed male condoms
(1,000 per case)

Atlas Ultra-Lubed Condoms are made with a special clear latex formulation which is extremely elastic for greater comfort and sensation. Lubricated with reservoir tip.



Atlas X-Large male condoms
(1,000 per case)

Atlas Extra Large condoms are roomier with added length and width to enhance comfort. The silky smooth latex formulation provides both confidence and sensitivity. Lubricated with a reservoir tip.

image of condom packaging   image of atlas condom package


Select lubricant:

Move 3 ml. foils - silicone lubricant
(500/case and max. of 1 case per orderpacket of lubricant

Please check below if applicable:

I would be interested in one extra case of condoms if supply allows.

If yes, choose ONE:

Atlas Ultra-Lubed



Atlas XL

Who are you intending to be the primary recipients of the condoms/lube you distribute? (choose one)

HIV positive individuals


High risk individuals who are HIV negative or whose HIV status is unknown

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I am a Tribal Health or CHS Agency

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