Table 3: Specimens and Testing - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Table 3: Specimens and Testing

If an autopsy is done, collect specimens and submit them for appropriate testing.

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Specimen Possible Testing Description Container
Blood Bacterial culture 5ml aerobic & anaerobic Use local lab
Serum Serologic assays/Tox 10ml Marble top vacutainer
NP Swab Viral Culture 1 swab Viral transport
Urine Culture/ Antigen tests 20ml Orange top, sterile
Fresh or frozen tissue from affected organs Viral culture or PCR 1cm cubes (can keep refrigerated up to 4 days) Clean vials
Formalin-fixed tissues Histo-pathology, IHC, In situ hybridization PCR All organs Orange top, sterile
Paraffin-embedded tissues Histo-pathology, IHC, ISH, PCR Affected organs


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