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Uninsured and Underinsured Adult Vaccine Program

MDH, with federal funding, is providing vaccine to 180 sites throughout the state for uninsured and underinsured adults (19 years and older). These sites were selected through an application process and will participate in this program through September 2019. This program is referred to as UUAV (uninsured and underinsured adult vaccine).

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Policies and Provider Agreement
accine Ordering
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Policies and Provider Agreement

  • 2018 Minnesota Uninsured and Underinsured Adult Vaccine Program Annual Provider Agreement
    All UUAV sites need to submit a signed provider agreement by Nov. 30, 2017. The online version is the preferred method.
  • 2018 Annual Report of Doses Administered with Vaccine from MDH to Uninsured and Underinsured Adults (UUAV program)
    Submit this report by Nov. 30, 2017, with the number of doses administered, even if your site did not see eligible adults during the reporting period.

Vaccine Ordering

2017-18 UUAV Influenza Vaccine Late Order Form

Additional Resources

  • Other Forms
    Returning nonviable vaccine, vaccine transfer record and the vaccine restitution appeal forms.
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