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Claims Management

Medical claims management systems automate clinic procedures and activities such as new patient registration, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, claims processing and management, billing, and reporting. Some of these software systems can also be used as clearinghouses. A clearinghouse functions as an intermediary for submitting claims between the health care provider and the health plan. The cost to use functions of these medical claims management systems varies among vendors.

  • PH-Doc
    Software application for public health departments designed to manage practice and maintain Electronic Health Records (EHR). PH-Doc uses outside clearinghouses to submit and manage claims.
    Phone: 913-638-6385
  • TransactRx
    Web-based medical claims clearinghouse that providers may use to bill for immunization delivery and other health care services. This clearinghouse is specifically helpful in submitting claims for vaccines covered under Medicare Part D.
    Phone: (800) 971-3890

Updated Monday, April 23, 2018 at 03:54PM