CDC Childhood Immunization Champion Award

The CDC Childhood Immunization Champion Award is an annual award that recognizes local immunization champions for their outstanding work in the area of childhood immunization. A CDC Immunization Champion will be selected from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Minnesota's 2014 CDC Childhood Immunization Champion

Patricia "Patsy" Stinchfield, MS, RN, CPNP

Stinchfield is a practicing pediatric nurse practitioner in the Infectious Disease department and is┬áthe director of Infection Prevention and Control for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. For more than 25 years, Stinchfield has been working to educate parents, providers, community leaders, and policy makers on the important role immunizations play in keeping vaccine-preventable diseases out of our communities.

Some of her accomplishments include developing partnerships with local businesses to facilitate school-based vaccination education and clinics, promoting influenza vaccine at Children’s where at least 90 percent of staff have received their influenza vaccine in the past two flu seasons, participating in MDH’s Immunization Practices Advisory Committee, and being the first nurse to become a voting member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Read more about her work on CDC's Champion Award Winners website. Attention: Non-MDH link

Childhood Immunization Champion Award Nominees

Karen Ernst, MA
Ernst is a Minnesota parent who devotes much of her time to promoting vaccines. She is active in national and local immunization coalitions working to educate parents and the public about the importance of immunizations. She writes blog posts encouraging parents to vaccinate their children, supports legislation that will protect children, assists other parents in finding way to promote the benefits of vaccines, and more.

Denise L. Lenarz, MD
Dr. Lenarz has been a pediatrician at CentraCare for 14 years. She is dedicated to making sure that her patients are fully vaccinated and takes time to answer questions and provide information to families. She also works to improve processes within the clinic system to help all of their providers ensure patients are getting the recommended vaccines.

Camille Murphy, MA, RN
Murphy has been a school nurse with Duluth Public Schools for 14 years. In this position, she works with children from early childhood programs through high school. Murphy provides immunization information to families at school events and in newsletters. She is also working on updating the immunization policy for her district.

Gloria Tobias, RN, PHN
Tobias has led the immunization program for 20 years at Countryside Public Health, which serves Big Stone, Chippewa, Lac qui Parle, Swift, and Yellow Medicine counties. She has taken the initiative to assure adequate influenza vaccine supply for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes across the Countryside counties. Tobias also provides guidance on immunization best practices, participates in her region's school nurse meeting to give immunization updates, serves on the Minnesota Immunization Practices Advisory Committee for the MDH immunization program, and more.

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