G. Scott Giebink Excellence in Immunization Award

Picture of G. Scott Giebink This annual award is given in memory of G. Scott Giebink, MD (1944-2003). Along with his work as an internationally respected expert in middle ear disease and immunization, Dr. Giebink was also a leader in the creation of MinnesotaCare, a state health-insurance program for the underprivileged. Dr. Giebink was a great advocate of immunization and strongly believed in access to health care for all children. The G. Scott Giebink Excellence in Immunization Award will be given to a clinic or organization that has displayed leadership or innovative work in the area of immunization.


  • Health care organizations that work in the area of immunization, including public and private clinics and non-traditional sites for immunizations such as elderly care or reproductive health clinics.
  • Non-health care organizations that work to educate the public about immunization are also eligible for the award.

Nominating Procedure

To nominate a clinic, hospital, or health care organization submit the nomination form and a letter of recommendation describing the actions that have been performed to improve immunization in Minnesota (maximum 500 words). Nominations are due August 29, 2014.

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