Screening and Assessing - Minnesota Dept. of Health

A Providers Guide to Immunizations in Minnesota

Screening and Assessing

Steps to take before you immunize

Tools to appropriately assess your patient’s immunization needs.

Key Resources for Screening and Assessing

For Determining Vaccines Needed
For Screening for Contraindications and Precautions
For Providing Risk-Benefit Education

For Determining Vaccines Needed

General Immunization Recommendations

    • ACIP’s General Recommendations on Immunization
      Comprehensive list of all CDC ACIP Immunization Recommendations.
      Attention: Non-MDH link
      Table 1: Recommended and minimum ages and intervals between vaccine doses
      Table 3: Guidelines for spacing of live and inactivated antigens
      Table 4: Guidelines for administering antibody-containing products and vaccines
      Table 5: Recommended intervals between administration of antibody-containing products and measles- or varicella-containing vaccine, by product and indication for vaccination
      Table 13: Vaccination of persons with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies
      Table 14: Approaches to evaluation and vaccination of persons vaccinated outside the United States who have no (or questionable) vaccination records

    For Screening for Contraindications and Precautions

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