IPI Program Practice Standards

MDH has developed four IPI standards for clinics to achieve as providers of immunizations in the MnVFC Program, based on federal VFC legal requirements as well as best practice standards. As an IPI advisor you will be conducting MnVFC site visits to enrolled providers to help them reach and maintain these standards.

  • Standard 1: Provider adheres to MnVFC eligibility and programmatic requirements.
  • Standard 2: Provider manages vaccines according to current recommended immunization guidelines to ensure proper storage and handling and minimal waste.
  • Standard 3: Provider administers vaccines and documents vaccinations according to current recommended immunization guidelines. 
  • Standard 4: Provider implements strategies to achieve immunization rates at or above 90%.

By merging key aspects of the immunization program at the program level – vaccine management, vaccine accountability, and clinical immunization practices – we are able to improve immunization practices by providing viable vaccines to all MnVFC eligible individuals and increase Minnesota's vaccination rates.

Updated Tuesday, April 08, 2014 at 08:34AM