Minnesota's School Immunization Law Exemption Provision

Minnesota's School Immunization Law allows the parent or guardian of a minor child (or the emancipated student) to file for a legal exemption to the school immunization requirements. The law allows for two types of legal exemptions: medical and conscientious. Below is a summary of how to obtain these exemptions.


  1. Medical Exemption
    If an immunization(s) is contraindicated for medical reasons, the parent/guardian (or emancipated student) must submit to the school or child care facility a statement signed by the healthcare provider that an immunization is contraindicated for medical reasons or that laboratory confirmation of the presence of adequate immunity exists and the immunization(s) is not required.

  2. Conscientious Objection
    If a notarized statement signed by the minor child's parent or guardian or by the emancipated person is submitted to the administrator or other person having general control and supervision of the school or child care facility stating that the person has not been immunized as prescribed in subdivision 1 because of the conscientiously held beliefs of the parent or guardian of the minor child or of the emancipated person, the immunizations specified in the statement shall not be required. This statement must also be forwarded to the commissioner of the Department of Health.

  3. Free or Low-Cost Places to Get Your Conscientious Objection Form Notarized
    A list of places in Minnesota where exemption forms can be notarized.


  • Exemptions from Immunization
    Minnesota Statutes, 121A.15, subd. 3 of health standards, immunizations, school children. Attention: Non-MDH link


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