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Free or Low-Cost Places to Get Your Conscientious Objection Form Notarized

By law, Minnesota parents/guardians who do not want their child immunized must submit a signed notarized statement to their child's school or child care facility.

To do this, you may either:

  • Use the MDH form for early childhood programs, child care, or school, which has a place for a parent's/guardian's signature and the notary's stamp, or

  • Make your own form stating your conscientious objection to specific immunization(s) and sign it and have it notarized.

    Note: The parent/guardian must sign the form in front of the notary.

Many places will notarize documents. Those listed below will do it for free or for a minimal cost such as $1.

  • School District Offices. Most, if not all, school district offices have a notary on staff who will notarize school-related documents for free. Many individual schools also have a notary who will notarize school-related document for free. Call your local school to find out if they notarize.

  • Banks. Most banks will notarize a customer's document for free. If there is a charge, it is usually very minimal, such as $1. Call your bank for specific information.

  • County Government Centers. All counties should have a notary on staff. Some are free and others charge a minimal cost. Call your local government center for specific information.

  • Local City Hall or City Manager. Some city offices have notaries on staff and will notarize documents for free. Call your city hall or city manager, for specific information. For the address and phone number for your city, go to the Northstar listing of city Web sites.

  • Businesses. Many businesses have notaries and will notarize their employees’ documents for free. Check with the human resource or finance office where you work.

MDH obtained this information by conducting a random sample of these types of institutions.

Updated Tuesday, February 02, 2016 at 04:35PM