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Using Client Follow-Up

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) Client Follow-Up tool identifies patients who are due or overdue for immunizations and uses a process called reminder/recall to follow-up with those individuals. This tool can be used with the Childhood, Adolescent or Adult Immunization Summary Reports to plan and carry out targeted immunization improvement activities. Reminder/recall can greatly improve your clinic’s immunization rates.

Updated 11/15

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Benefits of the Client Follow-Up Feature
When can Client-Follow-Up be Used?
How to use the Client Follow-Up Feature
Outputs from the Client Follow-Up Feature
Quality Improvement Uses


Benefits of the Client Follow-Up Feature

Following up with clients who are due or overdue for immunizations can help ensure that more of your clients are up-to-date with their immunizations. This is essential for preventing vaccine-preventable disease.

When can Client Follow-Up be Used?

  • Health care providers can improve immunization coverage rates for their patient populations by doing outreach for patients who are due and/or overdue for vaccination.
  • Many health plans and professional organizations now ask for improvement plans from clinics in various areas of health care. Health care providers can use the Client Follow-Up feature to complete reminder/recall activities for these improvement plans.
  • Local public health agencies can conduct population-based reminder/recall.
  • In the event of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak, health care providers and local public health agencies can identify and follow-up with clients who are unvaccinated.
  • Child care facilities or schools can identify children due or overdue for immunizations using a list of their current enrollment, eliminating the need to search MIIC one record at a time.

How to use the Client Follow-Up Feature

The first step is to identify a group of patients to follow. This can be based on the patients already associated with a particular clinic or organization in MIIC. A list of patients can also be submitted through the List feature in MIIC. The list can be customized based on:

  • Age
  • Vaccine status (due or overdue)
  • Vaccine(s) of interest

Client Follow-Up will produce a list of clients in need of vaccination based on the criteria selected. The list can be further customized by selecting which clients to keep and which clients to remove.

Then, outputs can be selected for conducting follow-up.

Outputs from the Client Follow-Up Feature

MIIC’s Client Follow-Up produces the following outputs to facilitate reminder/recall notices:

  • Client Report: This is a list of clients who are due or overdue for recommended immunizations. The list can be printed and used as a tracking sheet to record your quality improvement activities.
  • Mailing Labels: This creates a PDF that can be used to print mailing labels for reminder mailings.
  • Mail Merge: This provides client-specific data in a comma-separated values (CSV) file that can be used to generate customized letters or could be used with an auto-dialer system.
  • Contact List: This Excel spreadsheet with client information makes it easy to search for and sort a large list of clients.

Quality Improvement Uses

Use the Client Follow-Up feature to find patients in your practice who are missing immunizations and get them back into the office. The Childhood, Adolescent, or Adult Assessment Reports can help you identify which vaccines are needed by your patients and focus efforts on those vaccines. Having solid quality improvement plans and activities in place can help you receive more meaningful use dollars and have better outcome data to report to public sources such as HEDIS and Minnesota Community Measures. Most of all, improving immunization rates ensures that you are constantly maintaining and improving the health of your patients.

A sample Client Report output is shown below (client data is fictitious).

Image of Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) Client Follow-Up client report.


For more information on using Client Follow-Up in MIIC, review the Using Client Follow-Up User Guidance document or contact your MIIC Regional Coordinator.


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