MIIC Client, Immunization, and Comment Codes

Client, immunization administration, and immunization comment codes accepted by the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) immunization registry for electronic data exchange. Includes codes for sending history of varicella and parental refusal of vaccine(s).

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What's new
Client codes
Immunization administration codes

Comment codes

What's new

  • Documenting Dose Level Eligibility in MIIC
    Clinics can now submit eligibility status for children and insurance status for adults at the vaccine dose-level to MIIC. The Minnesota Vaccines for Children Program (MnVFC) refers to this as dose-level eligibility.

  • Providers who submit batch data to MIIC can submit a comment file along with the client and immunization file indicating history of varicella (chickenpox). Starting on September 1, 2010, a physician’s signature is required to document history of varicella disease for the School Immunization Law.

  • A new comment code for refusal of the second dose of the H1N1 influenza vaccine was added on 3/29/10

Client codes

Client status | Consent to share | Contact | County | Ethnicity | Race | Relationship | Sex (gender)

  Code Description HL7 Notes
Client status A Active
  • User-defined table 0441, patient registry status
  • Use in PD1-14 (2.3.1) or PD1-16 (2.4.1)
N Inactive
P Permanently inactive - deceased client
D Deceased (loaded to MIIC as P)
L Lost to follow-up (cannot contact) (Note: Displays in MIIC as Inactive)
M Moved or gone elsewhere (Note: Displays in MIIC as Inactive)
Consent to share Y Immunization record can be viewed by other organizations
  • HL7-defined table 0136, protection indicator
  • Use in PD1-12
N Immunization record will not be visible to other organizations
Contact 01 No contact allowed – Reminder/recall notices are not to be sent.
  • User-defined table 0215, publicity code
  • Use in PD1-11
02 Contact Allowed – Reminder/recall notices are allowed.
County MN001 Aitkin        
  • User-defined table 0289
  • Use in PID-12
MN003 Anoka         
MN005 Becker        
MN007 Beltrami      
MN009 Benton        
MN011 Big Stone     
MN013 Blue Earth    
MN015 Brown         
MN017 Carlton       
MN019 Carver        
MN021 Cass          
MN023 Chippewa      
MN025 Chisago       
MN027 Clay          
MN029 Clearwater    
MN031 Cook          
MN033 Cottonwood    
MN035 Crow Wing     
MN037 Dakota        
MN039 Dodge         
MN041 Douglas       
MN043 Faribault     
MN045 Fillmore      
MN047 Freeborn      
MN049 Goodhue       
MN051 Grant         
MN053 Hennepin      
MN055 Houston       
MN057 Hubbard       
County, continued MN059 Isanti        
  • User-defined table 0289
  • Use in PID-12
MN061 Itasca        
MN063 Jackson       
MN065 Kanabec       
MN067 Kandiyohi     
MN069 Kittson       
MN071 Koochiching   
MN073 Lac qui Parle 
MN075 Lake          
MN077 Lake of the Woods
MN079 Le Sueur      
MN081 Lincoln       
MN083 Lyon          
MN085 McLeod        
MN087 Mahnomen      
MN089 Marshall      
MN091 Martin        
MN093 Meeker        
MN095 Mille Lacs    
MN097 Morrison      
MN099 Mower         
MN101 Murray        
MN103 Nicollet      
MN105 Nobles        
MN107 Norman        
MN109 Olmsted       
MN111 Otter Tail    
MN113 Pennington    
MN115 Pine          
MN117 Pipestone     
MN119 Polk          
MN121 Pope
County, continued MN123 Ramsey  
  • User-defined table 0289
  • Use in PID-12
MN125 Red Lake
MN127 Redwood
MN129 Renville
MN131 Rice
MN133 Rock  
MN135 Roseau
MN137 St. Louis
MN139 Scott
MN141 Sherburne
MN143 Sibley    
MN145 Stearns
MN147 Steele
MN149 Stevens
MN151 Swift
MN153 Todd   
MN155 Traverse
MN157 Wabasha
MN159 Wadena
MN161 Waseca
MN163 Washington   
MN165 Watonwan 
MN167 Wilkin    
MN169 Winona
MN171 Wright
MN173 Yellow Medicine   


  • User-defined table 0189
  • Use in PID-22


Hispanic or Latino
Race I
American Indian or Alaska Native
  • User-defined table 0005
  • Use in PID-10
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Black or African-American
U Unknown
Relationship 18 Self
  • User-defined table 0063
  • Use in NK1‐3
57 Adoptive father
58 Adoptive mother
61 Aunt
62 Brother
31 Court appointed guardian
36 Emancipated minor
51 Emergency contact
33 Father
87 Foster father
88 Foster mother
97 Grandfather
98 Grandmother
26 Guardian
A4 Half brother
A5 Half sister
32 Mother
G7 Neighbor
G8 Other relationship
G9 Other relative
B7 Sister
SP Spouse
C3 Step brother
C8 Step sister
48 Stepfather
49 Stepmother
D3 Uncle
21 Unknown
Sex (gender) F Female
  • User-defined table 0001
  • Use in PID-8
M Male
U Unknown
O Other (Note: displays in MIIC as Unknown)

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Immunization administration codes

Action | Administration route | Body site | Source | Reaction

  Code Description HL7 Notes
Action A Add
  • HL7-defined table 0323
  • Use in RXA-21
D Delete
Administration route ID Intradermal
  • HL7-defined table 0162
  • Use in RXR-1
IM Intramuscular
IN Intranasal
IV Intravenous
NS Nasal
PO Oral
SC Subcutaneous
TD Transdermal
MP Multiple Puncture
Body site LA Left Arm
  • HL7-defined table 0163, administrative site
  • Use in RXR-2
LG Left Gluteous Medius
LT Left Thigh
LD Left Deltoid
LVL Left Vastus Lateralis
LLFA Left Lower Forearm
RA Right Arm
RG Right Gluteous Medius
RT Right Thigh
RD Right Deltoid
RVL Right Vastus Lateralis
RLFA Right Lower Forearm
Immunization information source 00 Administered vaccine
  • NIP-defined table 001
  • Use in RXA-9
01 Historical vaccination from client record
Reaction CRYING Persistent crying lasting >= 3 hours within 48 hours of immunization
  • Indicate 31044-1 in OBX-3 and enter specific reaction in OBX-5
ERVISIT Emergency room/doctor visit required
FEVER105 Temperature >= 105 F (40.5 C) within 48 hours of immunization
HYPOTON Hypotonic-hyporesponsive collapse within 48 hours of immunization
PERTCONT Pertussis allergic reaction
SEIZURE Seizure occurring within 3 days
TETCONT Tetanus allergic reaction

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Comment codes

Refusal | Immunity | Medical exemption | Contraindications and precautions

  Code Description  
Refusal PA Refusal of all childhood vaccines
  • NIP-defined table 002
  • Use in RXA-18
P1 Refusal of DT
P2 Refusal of DTaP
PD Refusal of HepA
P3 Refusal of HepB
P4 Refusal of Hib
PI Refusal of HPV
PE Refusal of Influenza
PG Refusal of Meningococcal conjugate
P5 Refusal of MMR
PC Refusal of Pertussis
P6 Refusal of Pneumococcal conjugate
P7 Refusal of Polio
PF Refusal of Pneumococcal polysaccharide
PH Refusal of Rotavirus
PB Refusal of Smallpox
P8 Refusal of Td/Tdap
P9 Refusal of Varicella
PJ Refusal of second dose H1N1
Immunity 26 Hepatitis B ANTIBODY to surface antigen, positive (immune)
  • NIP-defined table 004
  • Indicate 30945-0 in OBX-3 and enter specific immunity in OBX-5
33 History of Varicella/chicken pox
23 Immune globulin (IG) received
24 Immunity: Diphtheria
25 Immunity: Haemophilus Influenzae type B
I1 Immunity: Hepatitis A
26 Immunity: Hepatitis B
27 Immunity: Measles
28 Immunity: Mumps
29 Immunity: Pertussis
30 Immunity: Poliovirus
31 Immunity: Rubella
32 Immunity: Tetanus
42 Immunity: Varicella
31 Rubella titer - immune
Medical exemption M6 Medical exemption: DT/aP
  • Indicate 30945-0 in OBX-3 and enter specific exemption in OBX-5
M1 Medical exemption: Hep A
M2 Medical exemption: Hep B
M3 Medical exemption: Hib
M4 Medical exemption: Influenza
M7 Medical exemption: Meningococcal conjugate
M8 Medical exemption: MMR
M9 Medical exemption: Pneumococcal conjugate
MA Medical exemption: Polio
MB Medical exemption: Td/Tdap
M5 Medical exemption: Varicella
Contraindications and precautions 03 Allergy to baker’s yeast (anaphylactic)
  • NIP-defined table 004
  • Indicate 30945-0 in OBX-3 and enter specific contraindication or precaution in OBX-5
04 Allergy to egg ingestion (anaphylactic)
05 Allergy to gelatin (anaphylactic)
A1 Allergy to latex (anaphylactic)
06 Allergy to neomycin (anaphylactic) MMR & IPV
07 Allergy to Streptomycin (anaphylactic)
08 Allergy to Thimerosal (anaphylactic)
10 Anaphylactic reaction to previous dose of this vaccine
22 Chronic illness
21 Current acute illness, moderate to severe
14 Current diarrhea, moderate to severe
16 Current fever with moderate-to-severe illness
34 Immunodeficiency (family history) MMR VAR
35 Immunodeficiency (household contact) MMR VAR
36 Immunodeficiency (in recipient) MMR VAR
15 Encephalopathy within 7 days of previous dose of DTP
18 Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) within 6 weeks after DTP/DTaP
37 Neurologic disorders, underlying (seizure disorder)
38 Otitis media (ear infection) moderate to severe
39 Pregnancy (in recipient)
40 Thrombocytopenia
41 Thrombocytopenia purpura (history)

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