Costs and Cost-Savings When Participating in MIIC

Summary of the potential direct and/or indirect costs, as well as cost-savings, experienced by participating in the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) immunization registry. Updated 6/06

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Expectations for Participants
Benefits for Participants


There is no “membership fee” for participating in the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC)—it is a public health information system funded through federal, state, and local public health dollars. However, every organization that participates in MIIC has the obligation to ensure that the immunization data they submit is complete, accurate, and timely.

Meeting that obligation has certain direct and/or indirect costs, either in directly entering immunization data or in purchasing or developing an interface to extract batch data from your clinic’s information system. These costs are more than offset by the cost savings realized through your participation in MIIC, primarily in the staff time saved by having easy access to the most complete immunization records available.

Expectations for participants

  • Submit complete, accurate, and timely immunization data, either through:
    • directly entering the data, or
    • paying your vender or using your Information Technology staff to build an interface to extract batch data from your practice management/billing system or electronic medical record.
  • Reconcile data that cannot be loaded in MIIC due to possible errors.
  • Generate reminder and/or recall notices (optional) to remind families they are due for well-child appointments that include immunizations.

Benefits for participants

  • Easy access to your patients’ data on immunizations given elsewhere.
  • Expert decision support on what vaccines are due, coming due, or past due.
  • Reduced calls from schools, parents, and other clinics.
  • Having the most complete immunization records available readily accessible to your staff.
  • Reminder and recall notices to alert families of due or past due immunizations, or to recall patients whose immunizations were deferred due to shortages. This results in higher levels of kept well-child appointments, increases revenue, and higher immunization coverage levels.


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