What is MIIC?

General information about the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) immunization registry geared to health professionals. Updated 7/09

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What is the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection?
What are the benefits of MIIC?
MIIC is a regional service
How is MIIC funded?
What about privacy?

What is the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection?

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is network of regional immunization services—health care providers, public health agencies, health plans, and schools working together to prevent disease and improve immunization levels. These services combine high quality immunization delivery with public health assessment and outreach to help ensure children and adults are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

These regional services use a confidential, computerized information system that contains shared immunization records.  This information system—also known as an immunization registry—provides clinics, schools, and parents with secure, accurate, and up-to-date immunization data, no matter where the shots were given.  MIIC users can generate reminder cards when shots are coming due or are past due. And they greatly simplify the work of schools in enforcing the school immunization law.

What are the benefits of MIIC?

  • Consolidates immunizations a person has received into a single record, no matter where they received the shots.
  • Provides an accurate, official copy of a child's immunization history for day care, school, camp enrollment, or for personal records.
  • Helps ensure a child's immunizations are up to date.
  • Provides reminders when an immunization is due.
  • Provides recalls when an immunization has been missed.
  • Helps ensure timely immunization for children whose families move or switch health care providers.
  • Prevents unnecessary (duplicative) immunization.

MIIC is a regional service

The seven regional registries in Minnesota provide immunization information services to their communities. Local registry staff work with providers on improving immunization levels through the use and support of MIIC.

The Minnesota Department of Health  (MDH) supports the regions through technical, policy, and financial assistance, as well as hosting the web-based information system and managing its security.

How is MIIC funded?

Funding for MIIC comes from a variety of public and private sources:

  • Federal immunization funds
  • Local taxes
  • Local public health subsidy
  • Medical Assistance
  • Health plans

Total MIIC expenditures for 2003 were just under $3 million. By comparison, the cost of the paper immunization record system, which MIIC is expected to significantly reduce, is around $21 million annually. So MIIC helps ensure high quality health care for much less cost.

What about privacy?

Protecting the privacy of individuals is as important to MIIC as protecting individual health. Minnesota law permits sharing of immunization information between public health agencies, clinics, schools, day care centers, and health plans. Federal privacy rules also allow such sharing for the purpose of controlling diseases and protecting the public health. Being in MIIC does not mean a parent or individual has to be immunized. The decision to be immunized, as always, is up to the individual. The same is true for participating in MIIC.

In Minnesota, all parents of newborns are notified of their enrollment in the registry through Minnesota’s birth record process and an immunization information packet given to them in the hospital. Patient notification displays and tear-off sheets are available for use in clinic waiting and exam rooms. Patients are given an 800 number to call if they want to opt out or have questions. Only a few individuals opt out each month—most because they object to immunizations in general. Many who consider opting out stay in MIIC once they understand the benefits to themselves and their child. Persons who wish to opt out can call MIIC directly at 651-201-5503 or 800-657-3970 or the regional registry coordinator in their area.


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