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Documenting Influenza Vaccination in MIIC

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is the ideal place to document all immunizations, including influenza. MIIC consolidates immunization records of patients (and staff) into one secure and easily accessible location, regardless of where they received their vaccinations.

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The benefits of using MIIC for influenza vaccination include being able to:

  • Review patients’ past influenza vaccinations to ensure proper administration for the next dose(s) due.
  • Review timing intervals for children needing two doses.
  • Pull lists of individuals who need their influenza shot.
  • Generate letters or mailing labels for sending patient reminders.

If your organization is not already participating in MIIC, contact your MIIC regional coordinator to enroll.

Reporting options

There are three options for reporting influenza doses administered data to MIIC:

  • Direct data entry
    Providers administering less than 20 doses of influenza vaccine per week are encouraged to enter immunizations directly into the registry.
  • MIIC Flu Spreadsheet uploads
    The MIIC Flu Spreadsheet is a reporting template for providers to record minimal information on vaccinations administered; the template is especially useful for mass vaccination clinics and targeted vaccination campaigns.
  • Batch submissions from billing or electronic health record systems
    Current MIIC users with electronic billing or electronic health record systems are encouraged to include influenza doses administered in their batch submissions to the immunization registry using the appropriate CPT or CVX codes through flat or HL7 file transfers to MIIC.

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