Meaningful Use Incentives and MIIC

An overview of the Meaningful Use immunization reporting Stage 1 and Stage 2 objectives, measures, and standards as they relate to the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC). Updated 6/14

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Need Meaningful Use documentation for attestation or audit?
Stage 1 and 2 immunization reporting
Successful data submissions
Process for data exchange with MIIC
State and regional resources
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Need Meaningful Use documentation for attestation or audit?

It is the responsibility of the eligible hospital or eligible provider to have sufficient documentation in hand for a meaningful use attestation or audit. The following materials may be used:

  • MDH data exchange registration confirmation email
  • Copies of communications from MIIC staff regarding immunization onboarding status

Some other materials that may be helpful to have on hand include:

  • Documentation from the electronic health record (HER) that indicates immunization submission
  • Copies of MIIC application response messages
If you need help documenting your MIIC data exchange status, please contact the MIIC help desk: 651-201-5503, 800-657-3970, or


Incentive payments are available to eligible health care providers and eligible hospitals for “meaningful use” of electronic health record (EHR) technology. One component of meaningful use is the electronic submission of immunization data to immunization registries such as the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC).

Stage 1 and 2 immunization reporting

Stage 1 2
Objective Submit electronic data to immunization registries or Immunization Information Systems
Measure Performed at least one test of certified EHR technology's capacity to submit electronic data to immunization registries and follow up submission if the test is successful. Successful ongoing submission of electronic immunization data from Certified EHR Technology to an immunization registry or immunization information system for the entire EHR reporting period.
Accepted HL7 Versions
  • HL7 2.5.1*
  • New Submitters**:
    HL7 2.5.1
  • Stage 1 Ongoing Submitters:
    HL7 2.3.1 or 2.5.1
MDH Registration
  • Required*
  • Required
  • SOAP web service preferred
  • SOAP web service preferred

*As of FY/CY 2014

**New Submitters include those who did not achieve ongoing submission using HL7 format in Stage 1.

Successful data submissions

Successful Meaningful Use data submissions to MIIC must:

Submissions using direct data entry, electronic transfer from billing systems, and electronic transfer in flat file format do not qualify under the meaningful use objectives.

Process for electronic data exchange with MIIC

All organizations interested in initiating or enhancing a data exchange with MIIC should complete the MIIC Data Exchange Worksheet. Once the worksheet and corresponding preparatory tasks (including the MDH Registration for Data Exchange) are complete, submit to the MIIC Help Desk.

Organizations are placed in queue to begin onboarding as resources allow. More information about the MIIC onboarding process is available on the Process for Working on Data Exchange with MIIC page.

State and regional resources

  • MDH e-Health Initiative
    A public-private collaborative working to accelerate the adoption and use of health information technology in Minnesota.

National resources

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