MIIC User Guidance and Training Resources

How-to guides for the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) registry. Click on the link to view step-by-step instructions and webinars.

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Feature-specific guidance
Program-specific guidance

Feature-specific guidance

MIIC Role Feature Last Update
School User Typical User Admin
x x x Logging into MIIC 12/15
x x x Changing Your Password 4/14
x x x Compatibility View Mode Procedure 4/15
x x x Client Search and Printing Records 10/09
x x x Interpreting a MIIC Vaccination Record (PDF) 7/15
x x x Using Lists 9/13
x x x Client Follow-Up 10/15
  x x Assessment Reports 10/15
  x x Entering New Clients 10/09
  x x Adding Shots Using Direct Data Entry (not from inventory) 10/09
  x x Adding Shots from Inventory Using Direct Data Entry 10/09
    x Managing Vaccine Inventory 10/09
    x Running the Improbable Shots Report 2/12
    x Managing Users 4/16

Program-specific guidance

  • AFIX Resources
    Resources for the Minnesota Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, eXchange (AFIX) program.

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