Looking for Immunization Records?

Immunization records are important for you and your family. Immunization records are needed across the lifespan for doctor visits, child care, school, camp, sports, military, employment, and even travel.

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Contact the Immunization Program
Where else can I look for immunization records?
What if I can’t find my immunization records?

Contact the Immunization Program

Immunization records are available from the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC), a statewide confidential system that stores immunization records given at clinics, pharmacies and hospitals in Minnesota. MIIC includes records for all ages but it more likely to contain complete records for children and teens. For more information about MIIC see the MIIC and the Public page.

To request immunization records for yourself or your family from MIIC, contact the Minnesota Department of Health Immunization Program at 651-201-5503 or 800-657-3970. You will be asked to provide identifying information such as your first name, last name, mother’s name/maiden name, and address confirmation. If your records are in MIIC, they can be sent to you by secure email, fax, or mail.

Note: if you are a Minnesota health care provider please contact your MIIC regional coordinator for assistance accessing immunization records.

Where else can I look for immunization records?

  • Family records
    Family records such as baby books may contain immunization records.
  • Doctors' offices or clinics
    Check with all doctor’s or clinics where immunizations may have been given, including neighborhood clinics and local health departments.
  • Child care providers, schools, or colleges
    Child care providers and schools must check immunizations for attendees and may be able to look up records. Some colleges require vaccines for college entry and may also be a good source.
  • Military records
    For those who have served in the military, their military record may be a source of immunization records.
  • Other immunization information systems
    Most states and some local areas have systems like MIIC. Try contacting the immunization program or registry in the location where you or your child received their immunizations. See a list of contact information for state/local immunization registries. Attention: Non-MDH link

What if I can't find my immunization records?

If immunization records can’t be found, you might need to repeat some of the immunizations or arrange for tests to determine immunity. Talk with your doctor.

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