Looking for Immunization Records?

Immunization records are important for you and your family. They help health care providers make appropriate recommendations to protect your and your family's health. They are needed to meet child care and school immunization requirements. They may also be needed for a job or for international travel. Here are some tips on finding your or your child's immunization records.

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Where can I look for old records?
What immunization records are in MIIC?
How can I request my or my child's MIIC immunization record?
What about vaccines received in other states?
What if I cannot find my or my child's records?

Where can I look for old records?

  • Facilities where vaccines were given, such as your primary care clinic, neighborhood clinics and local public health departments, may have immunization records.
  • Family records, such as baby books, may have immunization information.
  • Schools and/or child care providers, which must verify immunizations of attendees, may be able to look up records.
  • Military records may be a source of immunization information for those who have served in the military.
  • An immunization registry, such as the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC), is a confidential, computerized system for tracking immunizations given by providers in a state or region. Registries are managed by state or local health departments and are accessible only to authorized users involved in immunization practice, monitoring, and/or improvement. Registries often contain the most complete vaccination histories!

Note: Locating the complete vaccination history of an adult is often difficult. Clinics, schools, and child care providers maintain records for a limited period of time, and very few immunization registries existed before the mid-1990s. While immunization registries are currently more likely to have complete vaccination histories for young people, in the future, registries will have complete vaccination histories for people of all ages.

What immunization records are in MIIC?

MIIC has records of vaccines given by health care providers across Minnesota, as well as of vaccines individuals received outside of the state that they submitted to their health care provider or the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). MIIC covers all ages but is more likely to contain complete immunization records of children than adults. Although MIIC participation by health care facilities continues to expand, not all facilities and providers participate.

How can I request my or my child's immunization record?

To request your or your child's MIIC record complete a MIIC Immunization Record Request. If you need immediate access to a record, call the MIIC Record Request Line at 651-201-3980. Email Health.immrecords@state.mn.us with any questions about record requests.

Note: If you are a health care provider who needs access to your patients' records, please call the MIIC Record Request Line directly at 651-201-3980.

What about vaccines received in other states?

Most states and some local areas have immunization registries. Try contacting the registry in the location where you or your child received vaccines. See a list of state and local registries on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at IIIS State/Territory/City Registry Staff - Main & Technical Contacts.

What if I cannot find my or my child's records?

If immunization records cannot be found, it may be necessary to repeat some of the vaccines or arrange for blood tests to determine immunity to diseases. Talk with your or your child's health care provider to decide the appropriate course of action.

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