Parent and Adult Notification

Ongoing efforts to notify individuals regarding a record in MIIC. Updated 6/06

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Basic belief
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Basic belief

Every individual with immunization and/or demographic information in the immunization registry/Minnesota Immunization Information Connection has a right to know that his information is in the registry, who has access to it for what purposes, and what to do if  he has questions or wants to withdraw from participating in the registry.

A key area in the notification process beyond alerting the individual that the information exists is promoting the benefits to the individual in utilizing the information – keeping track of immunization history for health care purposes, for child care purposes, for school, for camp, for sport programs, etc.

Multiple and ongoing notification efforts across the lifespan is a better practice than an one time mailing and enables the registry to create a single, definitive record from the birth certificate.

Notification efforts

In Minnesota on the Parent Notice regarding checking the accuracy of the child’s official birth record there is a statement that information from the child’s birth record may be provided to the immunization registry.  If participation is not wanted, a number at the Minnesota Department of Health is given to call.

Notification materials such as brochures and displays available for use in health agency waiting and exam rooms have also been developed to explain the registry, what information is in the registry, who has authorization to see the demographic and immunization information, and where to contact for questions or choosing not to participate. The brochure is also posted on the Minnesota Department of Health website. Health care providers are encouraged to respond to client questions about registries.

Collaboration is also done to include MIIC notification information in other program materials such as WIC, Home Visiting, Head Start, and Child and Teen Checkup as well as any newborn packets given out by hospitals.

To be useful, the notification is translated into at least the primary secondary language in Minnesota, which is Spanish. Translation in other languages is done as resources allow.

Opt out

An individual may decide at any time to not participate in MIIC. Anyone who initially decides to opt out may elect at a later time to participate. No one will be penalized for choosing to not participate in the immunization registry. 

For ease, an individual who chooses to opt out of MIIC may do so either verbally or in writing to the MIIC regional contact. An individual’s first, middle, and last name, date of birth, and county of residence are needed. It is also helpful to have a phone number, if in writing, in case there are any questions when verifying the individual record. The record is locked and not deleted because that is the only way to fully ensure users do not subsequently enroll the individual. After the opt out, there is no subsequent disclosure of the demographic and immunization information to any other authorized users querying for that record.


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