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Vaccine Safety Basics

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General Information
Vaccine Approval Process and Monitoring

General Information

  • Reliable Sources of Immunization Information
    This 2-page MDH publication gives health care providers and parents information on where to go for accurate and up-to-date information on vaccines and vaccine safety. It includes websites, publications, and phone numbers.
  • How do Vaccines Work
    Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia gives a simple explanation of how vaccines work, and how they are made.
  • Immunization Action Coalition
    Non-profit organization that offers educational pieces for parents and health professionals and has many references to common vaccine safety concerns, plus topics related to general vaccine safety, specific information on vaccine-preventable diseases, and vaccines and autism.
  • Vaccine Safety
    This site from the Centers for Disease Control provides general information on the importance of vaccine safety and federal vaccine safety resources.
  • Parents PACK
    The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers vaccine information for parents.

Vaccine Approval Process and Monitoring

  • The Journey of Your Child's Vaccine
    Learn in words and pictures how a new vaccine is developed, approved and manufactured, then added to the recommended schedule and continually monitored for safety.


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