Vaccines for the International Traveler

Traveling outside the United States? Plan ahead for your travel shots.

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Where can I get information on international travel shots?

The Minnesota Department of Health does not provide international travel health consultation or international travel vaccines.

Information on international travel vaccines and other travel health issues including diseases and concerns about food and water supplies is available by country from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • CDC Travelers' Health
    Health information for specific destinations or diseases, plus general travel health tips. Attention: Non-MDH link

How soon before I travel do I have to get the vaccines I need?

Start planning now. Some vaccines take up to six months for the entire series.

What vaccines will I need?

The international travel vaccines you need depend on your travel destination, age, current medical condition, occupation, and lifestyle.

Where do I go to get international travel shots?

It depends. If you are going to Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, your health care provider should be able to give you the shots you need.

If you are going to any other country than those just listed, an international travel health clinic is your best resource.

Where can I find an international travel health clinic?

Here's a list of international travel health clinics in Minnesota.

Do I need yellow fever vaccine?

If you are going to Africa, Central America, or South America, you may need yellow fever vaccine or other vaccines your health care provider might not have. International travel health clinics are the only places that can give yellow fever vaccine.

Are your routine immunizations up to date?

Don't just get your international travel shots! It's a good idea for adults and children to be up to date with routine vaccines before they leave the country.

Children. Children are vaccinated against 12 diseases in the United States. If you aren't sure your children are up to date with their routine shots, check the immunization schedule for children or call their health care provider.

Adults. Adults need routine vaccines too! If you aren't sure you are up to date, check the immunization schedule for adults or call your health care provider.

Other information for the international traveler

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