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Rubella, 2000

Introduction to Annual Summary of Communicable Diseases, 2000

List of Reportable Diseases, 2000

Number of Cases of Selected Reportable Diseases, 2000

One case of rubella was reported to MDH during 2000, compared with five cases in 1999. The case was an unvaccinated, 5-year-old, white, non-Hispanic female living in suburban Hennepin County. Rubella was laboratory-confirmed by a positive serologic test for rubella IgM antibody. The case had no known exposure or history of travel. No secondary transmission from this case was detected. The most recent case of congenital rubella syndrome was reported in 1998.

Rubella typically is under-diagnosed due to the mild nature of the illness; 25% to 50% of cases are asymptomatic. Undiagnosed cases may be a source of infection for unvaccinated and non-immune persons. All suspected cases of rubella should be reported immediately to MDH. The CDC currently recommends serologic testing for rubella and measles for patients presenting with rash illnesses compatible with either rubella or measles.

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